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  • Those Strange Abbreviations

    Apr 7

    You will at least once in doing family history research come across an ancestor belonging to a fraternal or civic organization. Long before television and computers occupied most of a person’s free-time, being a member of several organizations and clubs in a town or city was a very popular activity.  It offered a social meeting place, a sense of...


  • World War I and II Assistance

    Apr 5

    Two of the greatest military conflicts during the 20th century were the ‘Great War’ - later known as World War I and then less than 20 years later the second great war, this one being World War II.  No one can say they did not have a relative or ancestor involved somehow in either of those conflicts and in some cases served in both. Now it ...


  • Newsletter April 2012

    Apr 4

    Find Ancestors. Build Your Tree. Find Ancestors.  Build Your Tree. Making sense of the 1940 census. Meet contributing writer, historical and genealogical researcher, Alice L. Luckhardt, author of Legends - Family Stori...


  • Alice L. Luckhardt, Genealogist

    Apr 4

    As a native Floridian and former teacher at Stuart Middle School, for the last 18 years Alice has been a historical and genealogical researcher and writer with print articles in Ancestry, Florida Monthly, Internet Genealogy, History, Discovering Family History, South Florida History, Family Chronicle, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Genealogical Helper and R...


  • The George May Family Story of Determination

    Apr 4

    All of us in the United States are descendants of those people who left their ancestral homeland for a fresh start to a new land. It never could have been an easy decision to uproot your family and travel thousand of miles across unknown waters and landscapes for an even more uncertain life. Each person and family that made that journey has a ...


  • Nicknames of Our Ancestors

    Apr 4

    How frustrating when checking databases looking for a certain ancestor and you have a surname but can not locate that individual because no known given name matches.  You look over vital records and might see a couple different given names for the same person, some of which are each totally different.  You wonder if you have the right person or e...


  • My First Find on the 1940 Census

    Apr 3

    It was 9 a.m. on Monday morning, April 2nd along the east coast and I started by searching on the newly released 1940 US Federal Census on  The only locations with images available at that point in time on the first day were nine states (California, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia)....


  • 1940 Census Day Has Arrived

    Apr 2

    The time has arrived, what every family history researcher has been waiting for -- the April 1940 U. S. Federal Census, available today at 9 a.m.  Of course that does not mean you can click on any database now to find your ancestors in 1940. View this short 3 minute video supplied by the National Census Archives, holders of the census, to bette...


  • Pranksters on April Fool’s Day

    Apr 1

    The first of April is April Fool’s Day, that special 24 hours for those individuals who love to trick or get the best of someone with a special hoax or ruse. You may have already discovered an ancestor; usually it seems to be a great uncle, who loved practical jokes or fooling people. By all means do include stories of some of their mischievous ...


  • Using Google Efficiently to Find Ancestors

    Mar 30

    Yes, Google is not the only search engine on the Internet, but it is one highly used and recommended by everyone. As with any search engine, the top items high up on a search will be those people or events related to celebrities, sports events, scandals or even where the closest place to order a pizza is found. Regrettably, archival records on our ...


  • Some Interesting Free Databases Online

    Mar 28

    There are all types of family lineage information available, you just have to be willing to look and review different sites to see if they can be of any assistance. The easiest ones to try in your own home or at a public library are those listed as ‘Free’ on the Internet. The following are just a few to get you started. To begin there is 'Bo...


  • Mobile Changes for

    Mar 26

    With the rapid advancements in communication methods, the fee-based subscription database of is keeping up in the latest technical devices that people are using today.  It now has available a mobile app (application) for use with the iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and phones. The new enhanced version has the universal support for...


  • Chicago – What a Town!

    Mar 24

    Along Lake Michigan is the great mid-west city of Chicago, Illinois. It has served as a magnet for thousands of people to settle in and around this city for decades.  You may well have ancestors who at some time lived in Chicago. There is an online site titled Chicago Ancestors, sponsored by the Newberry Library in Chicago which offers a variet...


  • ‘Finding Your Roots’ – airs PBS – March 25th

    Mar 22

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. will be hosting another season of ‘Finding Your Roots’ beginning on Sunday evening, March 25, 2012 on the Public Broadcasting Stations. There are ten parts to the series which run until May 20, 2012 at 8 pm Eastern standard time. Similar to the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ series, family genealogies research several...


  • 1940 US Federal Census – 150th Anniversary of Census

    Mar 20

    It is approaching quickly, the April 2, 2012 release date for the 1940 Federal United States Census.  For each census in the United States that has been taken since 1790 there has been a mandatory 72-year waiting period before it was released to the general public.  This waiting period was to provide privacy, especially for the adults listed in e...


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