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  • 1895 Maps of Ancestral Hometowns

    Feb 9

    During the course of your family history research you noted the numerous hometowns where your ancestors lived. They may have resided in a small community, a modest-sized town or large city. You may have the name of the town, but not know which county it was situated in. How about any neighboring communities, are you familiar with those places? More...


  • Western States Marriage Record Index

    Feb 8

    The BYU of Idaho educational department has gathered an index of marriages from the western region of the United States. This collection of over 699,938 marriage records are gathered from several sources. The online database has a good search engine. The states included in the index are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mex...


  • Your Family Tree – Where to Begin

    Feb 7

    Starting your family tree is a deceptively simple sounding task. If you are new to genealogy, you might be unaware of where to find the data that you need in order to fill out even the least complex versions of a family tree template. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that may be ahead of you. Before you get discouraged, you sh...


  • YouTube Video Reunites Long Lost Daughter and Mother

    Feb 6

    The internet is an excellent tool for people who are trying to get in touch with long lost family members. Usually, we hear stories about people who have used the social networking website Facebook to locate and reconnect with the relatives that they have lost contact with. It seems that the YouTube website is useful for that purpose as well. A wom...


  • The BYU Family History Library is Filled With Resources

    Feb 5

    The BYU Family History Library has a lot of resources that would interest genealogists. It's located in Utah, and is connected with the popular FamilySearch website. It also seems to be connected with the Harold B Lee Library. You can visit the physical libraries themselves if you want to. I would suggest checking the website before you go, because...


  • Get A Personalized Family Memory Game From MyHeritage

    Feb 4

    Looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to genealogy? The website MyHeritage, a very popular genealogy website, has partnered with to bring you a personalized game featuring your ancestors. This game would be a lot of fun at family gatherings, and is simple enough for all ages to play it. According to Daniel Horowitz, Chie...


  • Newsreels 1942-1946

    Feb 3

    Photos of people and events are wonderful, but with the use of film, such scenes can come to life for the viewer. Newsreels shown in local movie theaters during the 1930s through the 1950s were the main source for learning of national and world events for the general public. One of America's and our ancestors' greatest event was the involvement ...


  • Finding Any Ancestral Patents & Trademarks

    Feb 2

    Since 1790 the United States has been officially registering the thousands of innovations and inventions created by Americans. By a person registering their unique idea or product, this protected the individual from someone copying their exact idea and making a profit from it. The federal organization handling the registration is the United States ...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Four and Conclusion

    Feb 1

    A message from the State Treasury of the State of Maryland stated I was the rightful heir to the contents of my grandparent’s safe deposit box which had be unknown to anyone in the family for decades. I couldn’t believe it! I had to replay that phone message a couple of times to make sure of what I was hearing. It was only later in the evening ...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Three

    Jan 31

    While waiting to collect all the proper documentation to lay claim to the contents of my grandparents’ 1940s safe deposit box, I even tried contacting the Nations Bank which was now named Bank of America in Frederick. I was hoping to gain further insight about this safe deposit box and why it had been left untouched for decades. The various cu...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part Two

    Jan 30

    Having just found on the NAUPA web site that my grandparents, who had passed away in the early 1940s, had some property held in 1999 by the state of Maryland Treasury became this great adventure for me. The very next morning after my discovery, I telephoned the Maryland Treasury and told them what I had found on their database. They solicited some ...


  • Discovery of Family Treasure in a Safe Deposit Box Part One

    Jan 29

    Using the Internet has opened all kinds of new sources of information for my genealogy hobby. One day in 1999, on one of the national morning television shows there was a segment on locating forgotten refunds, deposits, bank saving accounts, etc. through individual state databases on the Internet. The site was NAUPA (National Association of Unclaim...


  • Twin Sisters Reunite After Eleven Years Apart

    Jan 28

    Eleven years ago, a couple from the UK, John and Anne Ley-Morgan, decided to adopt a child. They went through all the confusion, frustrations, and red tape that is involved when trying to adopt a child from outside of their own country. This year, their adopted daughter, Ellie, who was from Vietnam, was reunited with her twin sister, Huyen, who rem...


  • The Family Search Website Has Been Improved

    Jan 27

    There have been some new changes to the website. FamilySearch, as you may know is the genealogy search website run by the LDS Church. These changes were done both as an effort to keep up with new technology, as well as to add new functionality to the website. Right now, they are doing a “soft launch”, to get things started, and...


  • Newspapers – Chronicling America

    Jan 26

    The U. S. Library of Congress online has a section titled 'Chronicling America – Searching Newspaper Pages'. Any family history researcher is aware how invaluable hometown newspapers are when researching their ancestors. Details of events, trips, incidents, visitors, achievements, etc. which may have been long forgotten over the decades still can...


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