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  • Diseases You Can Learn About From Genetic Testing

    Jan 8

    It's kind of amazing what science can come up with. Today, you can order a kit off the internet, provide a sample of blood, cheek cells, or even just some spit, send it off to a lab, and discover important health information that is revealed by your genes. There has been some debate about how accurate some of these tests may actually be. In any cas...


  • State Archives Online — Georgia to South Carolina

    Jan 7

    Georgia – Georgia's Virtual Vault is the online site for Georgia's Archives. With this online site the researcher has access to photographs, maps, government records and manuscripts held by the archives. Some of the varied topics and dates online for Georgia include Death Certificates 1919 to 1927 (note – with some covering 1914 to 1918), Pre-...


  • State Archives Online – Wisconsin to Wyoming

    Jan 6

    Wisconsin – The Wisconsin State Archives are tied to the Wisconsin Historical Society. To assist in research of ancestors in Wisconsin they have set up the Wisconsin Genealogy Index. The search engine allows the researcher to place a name, a county and a date. They have birth, marriage and death information from the mid-1800s. The information is ...


  • State Archives Online – Delaware to North Carolina

    Jan 5

    Delaware – The Delaware Archives have a separate section titled 'Digital Archives'. The numerous sections include photographic collection with Delaware towns, churches, schools, maps, documents from the 17th century, the Civil War and Petitions for Naturalization. They have added the 'Hometown Delaware' collection of photos. So far New Castle, K...


  • State Archives Online – Connecticut to Nebraska

    Jan 4

    Connecticut – The Connecticut State Archives have very little online. The archives are tied to the Connecticut State Library which hold town vial records, probate, church, land records, along with abstracts from newspaper notices of marriages and deaths. The Connecticut State Library does have a digital collection which include aerial photos, Afr...


  • State Archives Online – Hawaii to Virginia

    Jan 3

    Hawaii – The Hawaii States Archives Digital Collections has begun to digitize many of the records and indexes and place them online. The following are those areas completed: A Name Index from 1790 to 1950 with personal and business names (only the letter A's are completed to date), Photographic Collection, Marriage Indexes from 1826 to 1929, Divo...


  • Blood Sample From Mom Reveals Genome of Baby

    Jan 2

    Researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong have found a way to map the entire genome of a fetus based on the genetic material from a blood sample that is taken from the mother. This new discovery might lead to a non-invasive way to do prenatal screening for genetically heritable disorders. A report about their research was published in ...


  • State Archives Online – Texas to Utah

    Jan 1

    Texas – The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has their search labeled 'Trail' and it searches through 180 state agencies for information on Texas records and documents. Some of the topics include Military and Ranger Service records from 1836 to 1935 (with a few items covering Confederate Soldiers of Texas, Texas State Police, Spanish-...


  • State Archives Online – New Jersey to Pennsylvania

    Dec 31

    New Jersey --The New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Management has a major section on the site titled 'Searchable Databases'. The topics in the database include death records from 1878 to 1885, Index of marriages for 1848 to 1878, Supreme Court Files from 1704 to 1844, Marriage records from 1665 to 1799, Atlantic City & Passaic County ...


  • Using Google to Fill In Your Family Tree

    Dec 30

    So far, my attempts at using the internet to get started working on my family tree have been unsuccessful. Maybe I am using the search engines on the genealogy websites incorrectly. Perhaps my living relatives and ancestors are just incredibly difficult to find. In any case, I haven't been able to find anything of significant value so far. It se...


  • Review of The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine – Day Five

    Dec 29

    Today, I had the chance to try out the information I learned when I read the Guide To Preforming Genealogy Searches that I found on the Advanced Genealogy Search Engine page. My hope is that by following the suggestions in the guide, I will get better results from the search engine. This time, I put my first name and my unmarried surname into th...


  • State Archives – Maryland to New Hampshire

    Dec 28

    Maryland - The Archives of Maryland Online have a search box to assist the researching in locating documents and information. The type of information will assist in family genealogy and in general history research. The Maryland State Archives of Government Records include Probate records, photographic collections, birth-marriage-death records late ...


  • States Archives – Florida to Kansas

    Dec 27

    Florida - The Florida Memory Archives maintained by the State of Florida uses their massive archive collection and library. A highlight is the Photography Collection with more than 160,000 images. There is also film and video clips, images of historical documents ranging from the Spanish colonial period to the Civil War to the 20th century. With th...


  • Review of The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine – Day Four

    Dec 26

    Today, I had the time to take a look at the Guide to Performing Genealogy Searches that I found on The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine website. My hope was that this advice would make the results of the searches that I'd been attempting to get the search engine to do for me to be a whole lot more relevant than what I'd managed to get so far. I ...


  • Untapped Resource – Online State Archives

    Dec 25

    Most family history researchers are familiar with the National Archives along with the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C. and their web sites which provide some very useful resources to learn more about our ancestors and their hometowns. However, one major resource overlooked by individuals are the repositories within numerous states across t...


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