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  • Review of The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine – Day Three

    Dec 24

    Today, I learned that I really cannot do much to change the way The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine performs it's search. I noticed that when I ask it to search for my first name, Jennifer, and my unmarried surname, Dahlberg, that some of the results don't match. The search engine locates one of these two names, but doesn't seem to be able to weed...


  • Review of The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine – Day Two

    Dec 23

    Today, I have the time to look over the list of results that The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine gave me. Again, I am using this genealogy search engine to find information about myself, and am using my first name and my maiden surname. I have heard that starting with yourself is a great way to begin, and this is the same search that I used on the...


  • Naturalization – Before or After 1906

    Dec 22

    You know a branch of your ancestors arrived in America about 1887. To learn if they ever became naturalized American citizens you would want to look for a petition to become a citizen and the completed naturalization papers. Count yourself lucky if that ancestor did not apply for citizenship until after 1906. Your ancestor was not required to be...


  • Storage Devices and Their Longevity

    Dec 21

    Paper has the longest history of longevity, with documents dating back for centuries. For the family historian, they need to be aware of the numerous devices available to keep their precious research safe and how long they might expect them to last. Typically, it has always been the paper pedigree family charts, along with information and notes wr...


  • Facebook and Family History

    Dec 20

    One of the best known social networking sites is Facebook ( It can be a wonderful way to connect with other family historians anywhere in the world. This type of networking can provide some great assistance, especially if you have hit a brickwall in some of your research. You can also share your ancestral information and just m...


  • Review of the Advanced Genealogy Search Engine – Day One

    Dec 19

    I've been interested in checking out the brand new search engine created by the Genealogy In Time online magazine. Their Advanced Genealogy Search Engine is free for anyone who wants to use it. It has been said that it is very easy to use, and it allows you to search over 1.2 billion historic records. Let's see how well this works for me! The fi...


  • Gene That Acts As Switch May Explain Intersex Conditions

    Dec 18

    A team of scientists have located a gene mutation that appears to be the link to what causes intersex conditions. The researchers who discovered this have reported their finding in the American Journal of Human Genetics this month. The genetic mutation seems to act as an on/off switch. About one in 1,000 people are born with an intersex conditio...


  • Your Ancestor’s Personal Shopper – The Sears Catalog

    Dec 17

    Recently added to the many databases on the site are the images of the 'Historic Catalogs of Sears Roebuck and Company 1896-1993'. What an opportunity to view on your computer screen page after page of thousands of everyday products used by our ancestors. Nearly every home from the late 19th century and all through the 20th century had...


  • Great Anticipation – 1940 U. S. Federal Census

    Dec 16

    The United States was a young nation on April 1, 1940 with some 132 million residents in 33 million households with 7 million of those being farms scattered across the country. That was the date of the official U. S. Census count when over 120,000 enumerators (census takers) crisscrossed the nation to count the population. Those census records have...


  • Your Cheating Heart is In Your Genes

    Dec 15

    What causes a person to be unfaithful to his or her spouse, or significant other? Why do some people have “one night stands”, while other people never decide to do so? A new study reveals that the tendency for a person to engage in these kinds of risky behaviors has something to do with their own specific genetic make up. In a revolutionary ...


  • Little Known Source – Public Domain Books

    Dec 14

    The Internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 15 years as well as the interest in family history research. By digitizing many documents and records they are now available on the Internet through various providers such as and One source which likewise has been digitized are the many printed books that are i...


  • Put These On A Genealogist’s Holiday Wish List

    Dec 13

    Oh, where does a family genealogist begin when asked what they would like as a gift for the holidays? Whether a family historian is a novice or experienced pro, there are always some special items that can help the researcher. The first idea, especially if the researcher has a computer, would be one of the software programs for compiling, sortin...


  • Don’t Snooze – Back Up Your Computer Family Data

    Dec 12

    Hopefully you have a separate file on your personal computer with the notes, charts, photos, census information and data you have amassed on your ancestors. You could well have it organized into one of the many family history computer software programs; such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, RootsMagic, Reunion 9 and Family Hist...


  • Don’t Overlook Variations in Surname Spellings

    Dec 11

    Many vital records including birth, marriage, census, military and death have countless errors. Especially true when it comes to a person's given name and surname. The clerk filling out the birth record, marriage license, deed, etc. may have had only an 8th grade education. The clerk may not have understood the individual when information was pr...


  • Family Tree Builder Launched by MyHeritage

    Dec 10

    The genealogy website called MyHeritage has just launched some brand new software called Family Tree Builder 5.0. It's free, and easy to use. This software offers you new ways to organize, document, and showcase your family history, and has features that the previous versions did not have. You can download it directly from their website. When I ...


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