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  • The Maiden Name

    Nov 19

    Misinformation, especially concerning an individual’s vital dates and names, can be carried on for generations especially when placed on death certificates. After all, it is a living relative or even friend providing the specifics for the death certificate. So unknowingly an Indiana great grandmother’s maiden name was always written and told as...


  • Military Aide to General George Washington

    Nov 18

    No one can claim to be a direct descendant of General George Washington, since he had no children of his own. Instead, in one family was the tale for generations that an ancestor had been the personal aide and confident to General George Washington throughout the American Revolutionary War. That ancestor's name was Sgt. Lawrence Everhart from Maryl...


  • What I Learned – Day Three

    Nov 17

    Today, I tried, once again, to access the MyHeritage website. I learned that somehow, the MyHeritage website has figured out that I was trying to become a member, because it allows me to log in. A small, stable, box appears, which I find very easy to log into. Finally, I am now able to access the very same search engine that I was originally attemp...


  • What I Learned – Day Two

    Nov 16

    Today, I decided to see if the problem that I was having with the MyHeritage website was because I was using a Mac computer. To test this problem, I fired up my laptop computer, which is a PC. I prefer to use the Safari browser, even on my PC. I manually typed the URL for the MyHeritage webpage that I was attempting to use yesterday into the addres...


  • What I Learned – Day One

    Nov 15

    I've decided to jump in and make a serious attempt to begin working on my family tree. As a person who has dabbled in genealogy, but is still rather new to the subject, I know that there is a lot for me to learn. I'm excited to discover more about my ancestors, and, at the same time, I am a bit anxious about the research aspect of genealogy. Tod...


  • Do You Qualify For a Genealogical Grant?

    Nov 13

    Need some extra cash in order to continue, or start, your genealogy project? Are you someone who represents a genealogical organization? Perhaps you are the creator, writer, editor, and distributor of a family newsletter. Maybe you have an idea for an amazing new piece of technology, that will revolutionize the way genealogists do their research...


  • Autism and Schizophrenia Linked to Genetic Mutation

    Nov 12

    There have been a lot of stories in the news that talk about autism. Many of these stories start out by mentioning that they have found the cause for autism. Later, as the story unfolds, it often turns out that there really wasn't as much of a link between autism and whatever the cause was said to be. But, the headlines always sound as though the d...


  • Adopted Man Finds Long Lost Family

    Nov 11

    Bobby Walker is 26 years old. Earlier this year, he asked his adoptive mother, Marilyn Walker, for some information about who his birth mother is. There wasn't a lot of information to give him. He learned that his birth mother was only 13 years old when he was born. He was given a photograph of his birth mother, that was taken in 1995. The woman wa...


  • World’s Largest Family Tree Templates Available For Free

    Nov 10

    Do you come from an extremely large family? I do! The very idea of trying to fit all of my relatives, and all of my ancestors, onto one family tree template seemed impossible to me. In fact, the very idea was so intimidating that I really haven't put much effort into attempting it. However, now that there are giant family tree charts that can be do...


  • His Ancestor is a Saint

    Nov 9

    It can be comforting when your genealogy research reveals that your ancestors were good people. It must be extremely exciting to learn that one of your ancestors was, in fact, a saint! Strangely enough, this is precisely what genealogy research revealed for one man. Which means that many of his relatives will also have the blood of a saint running ...


  • Gene Mutation Links Dyslexia and Handedness

    Nov 8

    Recent studies reveal that there is a link between reading ability, brain asymmetry, and the hand a person prefers to write with. Researchers found this after studying the genomes of 192 children who had difficulty with reading. This means there is a genetic reason why some children are dyslexic. It also reveals interesting things about what hand t...


  • Harry Potter Stars Came From Neighboring Villages

    Nov 7

    Sometimes, the world seems like a very small place. According to Dr. Nick Barratt, who is involved in the television series called “Who Do You Think You Are?”, two of the stars of the Harry Potter series of movies had ancestors who lived in neighboring villages. Now, around 200 years later, their descendants are movie stars. News about the ance...


  • Family Tree Maker for Mac

    Nov 6

    Something exciting has come to members of the website! It's called Family Tree Maker for Mac. This is the Mac version of the Family Tree Maker that was already available to members who were using PC computers. Finally, people who have Mac computers can take full advantage their membership. What does the Family Tree Make...


  • Photos of my Grandfather

    Nov 5

    Earlier this week, my uncle sent me a very interesting email through Facebook. He said that he has been connecting with some long lost family members, (whom I never new existed). One of these newly found family members put some really old family photos onto his Facebook page. My uncle said that some of the photos were of his father, who was my gran...


  • Adoptee Finds Birth Mother and Biological Son

    Nov 4

    A woman named Jo Galloway was adopted when she was a child. Years later, she gave birth to a son, whom she had to give up for adoption. Now, years later, she has become reunited with both her birth mother and her long lost son. Considering how difficult it can be to locate biological family after an adoption has taken place, this story is rather re...


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