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  • COVID-19 Makes Family Reunions Risky

    Aug 18

    Many families organize a family reunion during the summer months. Things that were considered “normal” before the COVID-19 pandemic are now risky. Social Distancing is important. The CDC recommends holding gatherings outdoors, when possible. If that is not possible, make sure the space is well ventilated by opening up some windows. ...


  • Rosie the Riveter – WW 2

    Aug 17

    With so many males in America being called to service in the military from 1941 to 1945 (World War 2), on the homefront, the American hometowns and cities, they saw the need to keep businesses running and factories operating. Of special need was for war supplies such as munitions, tanks, planes, etc. So it the ladies who stepped up to the ...


  • Did Your Ancestors in 1900 Envision What the Future Might Be Like?

    Aug 15

    In the Boston Globe, Thomas F. Anderson, in a December 24, 1900 article, described what he thought the next new century – the year 2000 – would be like. Anderson proposed how different might the life of the man or woman who crosses Boston Common on January 1, 2000, compared with the life of the hundreds who will cross it today in 1900? ...


  • Selling of Teeth

    Aug 13

    It had been a common practice of many poorer individuals or anyone who needed extra money centuries ago to sell some of their teeth for money to a dentist. The teeth would be used in dentures or as a tooth replacement for another person. There was a ledger kept by General George Washington at Mount Vernon dated May 8, 1784 showing ...


  • MyHeritage Enhanced their Search Engine for Historical Records

    Aug 13

    MyHeritage announced that their search engine for historical records has been redesigned and improved. Searching their 12.5 billion historical records is now easier and more intuitive. The purpose of redesigning the search engine was to improve the user experience. Their main goals in this initiative were: Provide faster performance to a...


  • Federal Mortality Schedules

    Aug 11

    Anyone working on their family tree has checked at least one set of US Federal Census, depending on when their ancestors lived. Each and every one offers its own unique insight to a relative's life at that moment. Yet, one type of census might not be as familiar but should be used by those doing family research. The US Federal government ...


  • 23andMe and GSK Start Clinical Trial

    Aug 11

    23andMe has been collaborating with GlaskoSmithKline (GSK) for two years (as of July of 2020). The goal of the collaboration is to drive the discovery of novel, genetically validated drug targets to bring new transformational medicine to patients. Studies show that treatments that have been validated with genetic data are twice as likely to su...


  • No Such Job Anymore

    Aug 9

    Over the decades due to the advancement of technology many jobs were held by your ancestors (maybe even their whole life) that now no longer exist. Many jobs are extinct. As you work on the family tree especially reviewing the occupations listed on a census, there will be your clue, the name of the job and see if it still in more curre...


  • Family Home by Sears – in the Mail

    Aug 7

    From the early dawn of the 20th century, the Sears & Roebuck Mail Order Catalog has been in most family homes. That is one item, the large 1,000 to 1,400 page catalog that would be in every home. Anything, clothing, telephone, sewing machine, tools, etc you could want that was manufactured at that time could be ordered from Sears using t...


  • Verogen Experienced a Security Breach

    Aug 6

    Verogen, which partnered with GEDMatch in December of 2019, experienced a security breach. Verogen posted the following on its blog: “On the morning of July 19, GEDmatch experienced a security breach orchestrated through a sophisticated attack on one of our servers via an existing user account. We became aware of the situation a short tim...


  • CCC Projects of the 1930s

    Aug 5

    You more than likely had ancestors who found life difficult especially during America's Great Depression-era of the 1930s. Even if they did have work, their pay may have been cut and some good and products were hard to get. The good times of the 1920s were over. With an unemployment rate of 25%, the new US President Roosevelt needed to he...


  • Ancestry Updated Communities in Asia, Australia, and More

    Aug 4

    Ancestry has unveiled updated AncestryDNA communities to help members who have ties to Asia, Polynesia, South Africa, and Australia. The update enables members to better pinpoint where in the world their ancestor were most likely from. Ancestry is constantly developing new ways for members to learn more about themselves through DNA and is e...


  • Collections from Pomona, CA Library

    Aug 3

    Pomona, California is one of the cities in Los Angeles County in California, located in the Pomona Valley. It is just 30 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. In the last census in 2010 there were about 149,000 residents. It has been an incorporated city since January 1888. The Pomona Public Library has put together a vast collection of d...


  • A Future Letter

    Aug 1

    Doing your family history and the family tree is always looking back in time to what happened and to whom was involved. It is really fascinating to uncover any bit of news or facts about your ancestors, after all, that is how you reached the place you would call home. Yet you can look at it another way, what about in the future, not just w...


  • 1911 Heatwave

    Jul 31

    A good deal of very hot weather across much of the United States during July 2020 but your ancestors had their share of major heat waves. It is good to check if you had relatives in the areas hit with such major heat waves to see if they were affected. One major heatwave was in July of 1911 along the east coast with temperatures in 90s for...


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