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  • MyHeritage Updated Sweden Household Examination Books Collection

    Apr 1

    MyHeritage has updated their Sweden Household Examination Books collection by adding 19.35 million historical records from the years 1820 to 1839. The collection now contains 144.5 million records spanning the years 1820 to 1947. The Household Examination Books are the primary source for researching the lives of individuals and families thr...


  • Open New Window on the World

    Mar 31

    You may well have ancestors from all over the globe or maybe just from one location. There is a new online site that takes you locations from around the world. It is known as 'Window Swap' and it just like it might sound, a view outside a window of places across the globe. Some of views can be tremendous, each click to see the next window view ...


  • Homemaker Gadgets of the 1960s

    Mar 29

    Many of our female ancestors (mothers, grandmother and aunts) still remained at home as homemakers in the 1960s. Also in the 1960s came on the market, new and labor-saving devices for the homemaker. See if you remember any of these devices. The wall-mounted spice rakes or shelves. There were several same-sized containers all labeled to which th...


  • Ancestral Breakfast Foods

    Mar 27

    It is fascinating what was eaten for breakfast by our ancestors, especially outside the home in the 1800s and early 20th century. You would think most ate at home and that would include: Many people lived in boarding houses or lodges and breakfast was not always available. They would then go to an establishment that served breakfast. In the ...


  • Slinky

    Mar 25

    A piece of many of today's people's childhood was a special and unusual toy known as 'Slinky'. It was invented by a naval mechanical engineer, Richard T. James in Philadelphia. His original purpose was to stabilize instruments on ships using helical metal springs when products were shipped overseas. By accident, he knocked one of his springs off t...


  • Scientists Tracked Fine-Scale Genetic Structure of Finland

    Mar 25

    Researchers from the University of Finland announced that they have used genetics data to track how genetics in Finland have changed within seven decades. This allowed the scientists to follow changes brought about by World War II. Their work can lead to better methods of tracking individuals’ genetic history. Researchers from the Univers...


  • Ancestors’ Travels in Covered Wagons West

    Mar 23

    One important item you may have discovered about you ancestors is if they traveled west in America in a covered wagon. You will not want to just say covered wagon without including what that type of travel and life was like. No matter where or what time frame, such travel was difficult and no one knew what to totally expect along the route. Whe...


  • MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia – Cool or Creepy?

    Mar 23

    MyHeritage introduced Deep Nostalgia in February of 2021. It allows people to animate the faces in their family photos. Some people think it is absolutely wonderful, while others find it kind of creepy. Deep Nostalgia uses deep learning algorithms to produce remarkable results. You can animate any of the faces in your photos to see them mov...


  • Photographic Postcards

    Mar 21

    There is available a rich resource to add to any family history. Once you identified the hometowns of various family branches and during which time frame they lived there, start searching for photographic postcards of that town, county or region. Include any notable references to any outstanding features such as a large mountain, a river, a large ...


  • 19th Century Cycloramas

    Mar 19

    In the 1880s, a new technology for the era captured everyone's attention. It was a 'cyclorama', a circular structure with panoramic paintings inside in a 360-degree arrangement. Any could the viewer inside a feeling of being in a certain location. Very popular cyclorama scenes were battle scenes from the American Civil War, the Chicago Fire of 187...


  • 23andMe Black Representation in Genetic Research Study

    Mar 18

    23andMe has begun their Black Representation in Genetic Research study. This study aims to understand the biology connecting genetic variants to diseases. To support the study, 23andMe recruited just under 1,000 customers with African ancestry who consented to participate in the study. The project, supported with funding from GlaxoSmithKlin...


  • Irish Heritage

    Mar 17

    To define who is 'Irish', it is thought that the Irish are an ethnic group whose ancestors originally lived on the island of Ireland and most of the Celtic and Gaelic people. Now today and for some years back there are two parts to that island – The Republic of Ireland (an independent nation) and 'Northern Ireland' is part of the United Kingdom ...


  • Genetic Testing for Children Could be Beneficial

    Mar 16

    The story of two fathers in Washington state explains why genetic testing for children could be beneficial in certain circumstances. The Seattle Times wrote an article about two fathers with young daughters who each had Batten Disease. Together, the fathers drafted a bill that would make genetic testing immediately available and covered by ins...


  • Saying “Proof is in the Pudding”

    Mar 15

    This phrase is used when you know something is a fact and there is plenty to prove it. It started as a much longer version and has been shorten. Longer it was “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” That goes back to the 1600s and earlier when pudding was a type of sausage which started with mixing various spices and cereal and stuffed in...


  • Bench Seats in Cars

    Mar 13

    Here is an item you may have forgotten about, even if you or your parents grew up with 'bench seats' in automobiles in the front. You don't any auto today unless they are 40-60 years old or older with bench seats, it is 'bucket seats' now. Keep in mind, not just cars, but buggies and carriages were all bench seating style. The bench seats di...


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