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  • Scan and Transcribe Letters

    Jun 23

    You know that all your family treasured photos should be scanned and those digital copies stored in numerous locations and on different devices (flash, hard drive, disc). Yet, do not forget to do the same for all the family letters you might have or can get access to. Those letters (and postcards) are direct insights to an ancestor, what...


  • Remembering the Meeting and Marriage

    Jun 21

    Gathering information about your family is not just names and dates but is truly the back stories, the lives that an individual or couple had. One of the simplest relative / ancestor to learn about are those living. That could be your parents or grandparents. If you have a great grandparent, by all means, interview them. One aspect of a...


  • GEDMatch Updated its Privacy Policy

    Jun 20

    GEDmatch is a website that provides applications for genealogists who want to compare their DNA results with other people. Recently, GEDmatch changed their privacy rules to restrict some access by police. The change will not entirely prevent law enforcement from using the website. Did you upload your DNA results to GEDmatch? Are you thinki...


  • Related to a Criminal?

    Jun 19

    A study done in 2018 stated that about 113 million American adults (total US population in 2018 is 327 million) have an immediate family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated. This is in recent, modern times, not counting a possible ancestor from the 1800s. It was investigated by the (a criminal justice and immigration reform a...


  • Findmypast has Over 100 Million European Records Online

    Jun 18

    FindmyPast announced that they have recently added a vast number of European records to their rapidly expanding international collections. They now have over 100 million new European records available online. The new European records include over 114 million new European births, baptisms, marriages, banns, deaths, and burials. The new addit...


  • In Person Assistance

    Jun 17

    It can be great fun exploring and trying to find your lineage or create a complete family tree. But it can also be difficult if you are not quite sure you are doing the research in the right direction. You don't want to later find out you were looking up names of people who were not your ancestors. So if you feel you need help, it is av...


  • Lineage Books 1890-1921

    Jun 15

    The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in Oct. 1890 with the main requirement for membership that a lady has direct blood lineage to a 'patriot', an individual who either served in the military, militia, reserves or contributed in some form to assist the American patriots fighting the British between 1775 and 1783. Its early ...


  • Missouri Military Ancestors

    Jun 13

    From 1812 to World War One (1919) the Missouri Digital Heritage has now in digital format soldiers' records covering that time frame. That is about 1.5 million pages for soldiers in domestic and foreign wars. There are individual service cares, muster rolls, special orders and reports. This covers more than 576,000 Missourians (when a te...


  • MyHeritage Introduces DNA Health + Ancestry Test

    Jun 13

    MyHeritage announced the launch of the MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry Test. It offers new dimensions of genetic insight to enrich your life, enlighten you about your health, and help you make informed lifestyle choices. The MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry test includes dozens of personalized and easy-to-understand health reports. It also...


  • What is a Delayed Birth Certificate?

    Jun 11

    You may or may not have come across an ancestor with a 'Delayed Birth Certificate'. This type of record came about when Americans needed to prove when they were born for passports (beginning in 1920s) and registration with Social Security (in the 1930s). From the Dept. of Health and Human Resource – a delayed birth certificate is any b...


  • 23andMe Improves Reports for Caribbean and Latin American Customers

    Jun 11

    23andMe announced has released a new feature called “Recent Ancestry in the Americas” for customers with ancestry from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. This is part of 23andMe's ongoing efforts to deliver a more intuitive and comprehensive 23andMe Ancestry Composition Report. This new feature enables these customers to...


  • Overlooked Sources of Family History

    Jun 9

    Family history and the tree is not just name and dates and locations, there should be information on the person themselves, their occupation, hobbies, interests, and achievements. Where is find some of that type of information is by using some of the following. Learning when the first of a family branch arrived in America is very impo...


  • Non-Famous Ancestors Still Important

    Jun 7

    Everyone loves to locate a famous ancestor or one who lived an exciting life or did a special adventure. However, many of your ancestors led ordinary lives, worked, had a family, etc. Yet, you may have missed some very interesting events surrounding an ancestor's life in their hometown. An excellent example would have been if either the Union ...


  • FamilySearch Celebrates 20 Years Online

    Jun 6

    FamilySearch announced that it has celebrated 20 years of being online. It was first launched on May 24, 1999. Two decades later, FamilySearch is a leader in the rising tide of popular ancestry-related services online. FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. It is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organiza...


  • 75th Anniversary of D-Day

    Jun 5

    The 75th anniversary of D-Day (Operation Overlord) is Thursday, June 6th (in 2019). On that date 75 years ago, the Allied forces (England, USA, Canada) invaded northern France, held by Germany) by means of beach landings in the Normandy coast. More than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coas...


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