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  • Findmypast Introduced the British and Irish Roots Collection

    Jan 5

    Findmypast is a leader in online genealogy. They have over 18 million registered members worldwide and records dating back to 1200. Findmypast has introduced their new British and Irish Roots Collection. Findmypast made this collection free to search when it was first released. The free access will only be offered for a limited time. The Briti...


  • Consider This Before Contacting a Long Lost Relative

    Jan 4

    Genealogy requires hours of research and dedication. The work pays off when you find more people who can be added to your family tree. DNA testing has, in some ways, sped up the process of finding more relatives. That doesn't necessarily mean you should rush into trying to make connections with one of them. Take a DNA test, from whatever comp...


  • Obituaries for Michigan 1820-2006

    Jan 3

    Locating ancestors' obituaries is very important to your family research. When it was acceptable to write and have published long obituaries, the information provided can be wonderful. However, note, you could have an ancestor listed in someone else' obituary as a relative. There could be a tie-in you did not know about. Using the


  • MyHeritage DNA Surpassed One Million People

    Jan 3

    MyHeritage put together an informative blog post about the noteworthy things they accomplished in 2017. That list includes the announcement that MyHeritage DNA surpassed one million people. Over the past fifteen years, MyHeritage DNA has helped millions of people find new family members and discover their ethnic origins. The MyHeritage DNA tes...


  • FamilySearch Introduced FamilySearch Places

    Jan 2

    FamilySearch has introduced a new tool called FamilySearch Places. It is designed to make learning about places easier. The development of the FamilySearch Places tool is ongoing. Some useful features are already available. FamilySearch Places is not an app. Instead, it is part of the FamilySearch website. Visit FamilySearch Places and you ...


  • Ancestry Takes Action After RootsWeb Server Breach

    Jan 1 alerted its users that a data breach occurred on a specific RootsWeb server. The information received by Ancestry's Information Security Team came from a security researcher who said he found a file containing email addresses/username and password combinations as well as user names from a server. pointed ou...


  • Family Artifacts to Keep

    Jan 1

    Lucky are the descendants of people who thought enough ahead to make sure certain family treasures were saved and passed on to the next generation. There are some major categories of artifacts you, as the present generation,  can save from your ancestors or present family. Save These: Household, Jewelry and Hobby Items - your grandfather favori...


  • Music and Songs during the Civil War

    Dec 31

    Music in the mid-1800s was an importation aspect of our ancestors' lives, no matter their occupation or where they lived. This was especially true during the American Civil War (1861-1865). It entertained, brought pleasure and comfort and was integral in all parts of life. In fact music was so important during the Civil War that most regiments, bot...


  • Maine’s B-M-D Records 1670-1921

    Dec 29

    Vital records are an very important part to any family research. If you has any ancestors living and near Maine, even when it was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony beginning beginning in 1652. It was fought over by the French, English and allied natives during the 17th and early 18th centuries, who conducted raids against each other. The state o...


  • Local Genealogical Society

    Dec 27

    If you had not considered becoming a member of your local genealogical society, make a point to do so in the new year 2018. There are so many advantages and things to learn. First, you will be sharing and talking with people who share you common interest in family history. They may not share you family lineage but they have been there in searching...


  • Genealogical Rookie Errors

    Dec 26

    Findmypast is the number one online resource for anyone looking to discover their British or Irish family history. With millions of records and historical newspaper pages that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s the go-to destination for tracking down North American ancestors and tracing their journeys back across the Atlantic. Anyone who’...


  • Family Stories

    Dec 25

    Christmas Day or even a couple days after Christmas when many of the out-of-town relatives are present, spend some evening time retelling family stories. Start with any grandparents or grand aunts/uncles present, the older relatives and have them tell of their Christmas childhoods, the gifts they got or any unusual events. Someone needs to be wri...


  • Family’s Hometown Christmas

    Dec 23

    Have you wondered (especially if you had no first knowledge) what Christmas in the family hometown or home county was like? One of the best resources for learning about the town traditions and happenings at the holiday time is to check their local newspapers. Cover the time frame your ancestors lived in the town, say 1900 to 1930. This was done fo...


  • Index for Delaware Marriage Licenses 1683-1894

    Dec 21

    The state of Delaware has a long history going back to colonial times, so it can be invaluable to have a database of marriages dating from 1683 to 1894. Now that doesn't mean all recorded marriages are listed, many records lost over the decades. There does not appear to be many marriage listings for 1683-1700. However, has put toge...


  • Library of Congress–American Memory

    Dec 19

    The American Memory is the digital collection portal for the Library of Congress. The website is to provided “free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. It is a digital record of American history and creativi...


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