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  • Our Ancestral Pioneers and Words They Used

    Feb 19

    Those ancestors they moved from the eastern coastal homelands to seek a new life in the mid-west and far west faced a long journey, work to establish a homestead, harsh weather and long periods of isolation from towns and other people. They even developed their own phrases and slang terms for things and activities. Here are a few such words and...


  • Kentucky Historical Society Announces Kentucky Ancestors Show

    Feb 18

    The Kentucky Historical Society will launch a new television program called “Kentucky Ancestors”. It will debut on major Kentucky television networks. The show will run from February to June of 2021, and is hosted by Renee Shaw. Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall is described as a program centered on genealogy discovery. It digs into the ro...


  • Classic Children’s Playground Games

    Feb 17

    In the days before computers, cell phones, video game stations; growing up as a child was playing games outside with your friends. Review over the list of such games, see which you played, your parents or other ancestors. It would be great to include in your family history. The playing with marbles is a true classic activity for chi...


  • MyHeritage Added Interface Improvements for Genetic Groups

    Feb 16

    MyHeritage previously announced Genetic Groups, a long-awaited enhancement of MyHeritage DNA ethnicity results which accurately identifies ancestral origins with an incredibly high resolution of 2,114 geographic regions. This new features gives users the chance to take a deep dive into their ancestral origins and discover the paths their ances...


  • Keeping Warm

    Feb 15

    Some winter seasons were colder than others, no matter where your ancestors may have lived. So with without the central air and heat of today, how did your ancestors manage to stay warm especially in the 1800s and early 1900s? Designs for many homes had the ceiling lower in the kitchen area where there was always a fire going. This kept t...


  • Glass Slippers

    Feb 14

    No, not quite the fairy-tale of a glass slipper but rather a very popular curio you ancestors may have had. You might recall seeing them, but didn't know the story behind these glass slippers on display. Now, these were small glass pieces not the size of a true shoe. There were in the style of lady's high heel shoes, these made of vari...


  • Family Search Learning Center

    Feb 11

    There is an easy to use 'Learning Center' on the site. With a search box, any topic you can see what is available. There are also some great prepared lessons on different topics to assist you. One is titled: “Getting Started in Genealogy' – providing info on software programs and helpful tips on recording ancest...


  • 23andMe to Merge with Virgin Group

    Feb 11

    23andMe, Inc., a leading consumer genetics and research company, and VG Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Virgin Group, announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement. Upon completion of the transaction, estimated in the second calendar quarter of 2021, VGAC will change its New York Stoc...


  • Words Your Ancestors Used, but Not Used Today

    Feb 9

    There are many expressions used over the decades, some new ones and some old ones that are no longer used. Here are some examples of words and phrases used by our ancestors but not so much anymore. A popular drink of gin and ale drink was served hot with sugar or other ingredients added in the 1800s. It was called 'Purl'. In Amer...


  • FamilySearch Revealed 2020 Genealogy Highlights

    Feb 9

    FamilySearch International published its year-in-review, highlighting some of its exciting 2020 achievements. Each year, the global nonprofit helps millions of people make fun, free, personal and family discoveries online. In 2020, FamilySearch expanded its discovery experiences to 30 languages and added over a billion new searchable names fr...


  • Skills Forgotten

    Feb 7

    There were many activities and skills your ancestors had and used that are not done so much in the 21st century. These items could come back and you might be interested in doing so, especially if you can find out through a photo, journal or letter that an ancestor had these skills. A nearly lost art was gardening at home. It has made a bi...


  • The Luck of Horseshoes

    Feb 5

    A traditional symbol of 'luck' has been the horseshoe. Even at one time, it was common practice for a business to make sure they displayed a metal U-shaped horseshoe, especially any business using horses – such as farmers, tradesmen, etc. The luck of the horseshoe started began because horses were so important and you needed to keep them...


  • Ancestry Updated Communities for Members with Ties to Germanic Europe

    Feb 4

    Ancestry announced significant upgrades tp AncestryDNA communities for members with Germanic Europe and US Regions of New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest. A Community is a group of AncestryDNA members who likely descend from a population of common ancestors – people who traveled to the same place around the same time, or from the s...


  • Divorce in Sioux Falls

    Feb 3

    There was a place named the “The Cataract House Hotel” between 1884 to 1908, located in the frontier town of Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, which became a haven for women—and some men—escaping bad marriages. It was built in 1871, a luxury hotel with 14 beds and two parlors. It was enlarged twice by 1884. Unfortunately, ...


  • Ideal Towns of the 1930s

    Feb 1

    Most of you while doing family history research have been able to trace relatives back to the 1920s and 1930s. Those were two very different, unusual and somewhat difficult decades, back to back. With the stock market crash of October 1929, the good times, jobs, money, products, entertainment, etc. of the 1920s all came to an end. To ...


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