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  • Hart Island Transferred to NYC Parks Department

    May 25

    Since 1980, 72,251 people have been buried on Hart Island. Hart Island is a small piece of land off The Bronx. In 2019, it was announced that Hart Island would be transferred from the New York City’s Department of Corrections to the New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation. In 2021, Gothamist that Hart Island is the final rest...


  • Sandwich Glass

    May 23

    This is a unique American style of glassware with a sparkle and great designs. Your ancestors may have had at least one piece and maybe more. The unique name came from the town of Sandwich in Massachusetts. A former worker with the New England Glass Co., Deming Jarves, born in 1790, started his own glassworks in Sandwich, MA in 1825. His new co...


  • Fads the Girls of the 1960s Loved

    May 21

    These popular fads done by girls and some ladies in the 1960s could have been done by you, your mother, aunt or grandmother. See if you can find photos or journals or an interview with a relative about these popular fads of the 1960s. The early 1960s were a bit like the late 1950s but by the mid-1960s styles really changed. Cardigan sweaters we...


  • U.S. 2020 Census Apportionment Results

    May 20

    In April of 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the 2020 Census showed that the resident population of the United States on April 1, 2020, was 331,449,281. The U.S. resident population represents the total number of people living in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The resident population increased by 22,703,743 or 7.4% f...


  • Victorian Kitchens

    May 19

    The kitchens used in the 1800s can look quite different from today's kitchens. The following will give you an idea of what was needed in a functioning kitchen of the 1800s. Instead of countertops with cabinets, any type of furniture piece might be used, such as dressers, china cabinets, or small tables. Plus there were no ice boxes or refrigera...


  • FamilySearch Updated Their Messaging System

    May 18

    FamilySearch is proud to have the world’s largest online family tree and thrilled to provide free family history experiences to millions. In order to give users the best experience possible, they are constantly working on updates and improvements to their online experience. To keep you up to date on the latest FamilySearch experience changes...


  • Types of Sandwiches during the Great Depression

    May 17

    During the 1930s of the Great Depression in America where many people had less income or no jobs, what people ate changed. Many new food products introduced such as boxed macaroni and cheese were now inexpensive. But also quick on-the-go foods became more popular. That was especially true of sandwiches, all types of sandwiches, now eaten at lunch ...


  • Powder Rooms

    May 15

    A popular modern item for any home is a guest bath or what is called a powder room, usually on the first floor of a house. They usually do not have a bath or shower but instead a toilet and sink. The idea of the term 'powder room' goes back to the 1700s when the wearing of wigs – both men and ladies. These wigs usually had powder on them to m...


  • Soda Fountains

    May 13

    You may think your ancestors who lived in the 1940s and 1950s were the only ones to visit their local soda fountains but these popular establishments date back much earlier. Back at the turn of the 20th century local pharmacies were adding a section to their business that would be the local soda fountain. This was due to the new popular drink, coc...


  • MyHeritage Acquired by Francisco Partners

    May 13

    MyHeritage announced that it has been acquired by Francisco Partners, a leading global investment firm that specializes in partnering with technology businesses. Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, will continue to lead their excellent and dedicated team as they create new and exciting ways for people to learn about their origins. ...


  • Some Dangerous Items of Your Ancestors

    May 11

    With many health and safety standards in place today in the 21st century, it is only due to the struggles and dangers our ancestors suffered with new manufacturing, technology and chemistry decades ago. Our ancestors were offered new consumer products with little or no testing of their safety on humans. They instead had to learn firsthand if so...


  • 23andMe Explains the Genetics of Allergies

    May 11

    23andMe highlighted two studies that might explain why some people suffer from allergies every spring. The studies found information about allergies that may surprise you! According to the Mayo Clinic, an allergy starts when your immune system mistakes a normally harmless substance for a dangerous invader. The immune system then produces an...


  • Jello – Everyone Once Loved

    May 9

    Oh, the familiar Jell-O brand of gelatin. Everyone remembers Jell-O. But the idea of gelatin food items goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Gelatin was made from collagen, created by melting and filtering of pigs' ears and feet. Back then it was not an easy process, needed special equipment to heat, store and cool the gelatin. The finished gel...


  • The Family History Guide – USA

    May 7

    Compared to years ago, there are many online databases and resources you can start or continue your family genealogical research. Never leave out getting copies of documents from city/county/state archives and courthouses and documents from the federal level. One very good source that has put many of the online resources at your fingertips is '...


  • Students Took Photos of Gravestones for BillionGraves

    May 6

    Students from Siskiyou County in the Mount Shasta ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints took photos of gravestones at the Mount Shasta Memorial Park cemetery. The photos were for BillionGraves, and the students took and uploaded nearly 1,000 photographs. BillionGraves states that it is the largest resource for searchable G...


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