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  • Tricare Will Cover 5 New Genetic Diagnostic Tests

    Jul 20

    The Defense Health Agency has extended a pilot program that covers many now-common laboratory genetic tests and added five more to improve diagnostics and care for patients with breast, blood and prostate cancer and suspicious-looking moles or skin legions, reported. The Pentagon’s health arm announced Thursday that it has e...


  • California Reparations Task Force Concluded

    Jul 18

    The California reparations task force last week concluded two years of hard work with a 1,100-page, comprehensive report that details the harms of slavery on Black people from California, recommendations of financial compensation and the creation of a myriad of programs and policies to redress the historical wrongs, NBC News reported. The ...


  • 23andMe Adds More Detail To Central American Ancestry

    Jul 13

    23andMe has added finer detail for customers with roots that trace back to Indigenous American ancestors, with 18 regions in Central America, from Guatemala in the north to Panama in the South.  The update is part of our continuing work to improve 23andMe’s Ancestry reports and features. Recently, 23andMe added new details for people wit...


  • Celebrating Chinese Canadian Immigration

    Jul 11

    Have you ever wondered about the Chinese immigrant experience in North America? Why they left their homeland? Where they settled? What they did for a living? Discover your ancestors and their story in these unique immigration records on FamilySearch! History of Chinese Immigration to Canada Depending on the year and place, Chinese immigr...


  • Explore The Free Chinese Exclusion Era Collection On Ancestry

    Jul 7

    Ancestry announced the free availability of more than 500,000 records from the Chinese Exclusion Era - a 60 year period in the U.S. and Canada when laws were enacted to restrict immigration and rights of people of Chinese descent. Beyond discovering potential family connections, these significant records offer the opportunity to look into a c...


  • The Look Of Your Eyebrow Is In Your Genes

    Jun 23

    The first gene mapping study on eyebrow thickness in Europeans discovered three previously unreported genetic loci, The Jerusalem Post reported.  Cosmetics including eye pencils, shadow, or powder can help you create your look, but according to a new study conducted by the International Visible Trait Genetics (VisGen) Consortium, and publi...


  • Parallel Reparations Efforts In California and Capitol Hill

    Jun 21

    As California prepares to release a report that will recommend reparations for descendants of enslaved people, federal lawmakers are pursuing their own efforts to redress the effects of slavery and the generations of discrimination that followed for Black Americans, NBC News reported.  Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., introduced the latest federal ...


  • MyHeritage Introduces Reimagine Photo App

    Jun 16

    We’re excited to announce the launch of Reimagine, a groundbreaking new mobile app for family photos. Reimagine harnesses the power of MyHeritage’s world-class AI technologies for improving historical photos, and boasts a powerful photo scanner that enables high-speed scanning of entire album pages. Reimagine is available on both iOS and A...


  • 23andMe Adds More Detail For Indigenous Mexican Ancestry

    Jun 14

    23andMe has added finer details for customers with roots that trace back to Indigenous American ancestors from 28 different regions in what is now Mexico. The update is part of our continuing work to improve 23andMe’s Ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers with Indigenous American ancestry from one of these Geneti...


  • FamilySearch Wrote About Canadian Immigration

    Jun 9

    Immigration has been a part of world history since it all began. Reasons for immigration are many and oftentimes complex. War, disparity, land opportunities, educational opportunities, and hope for a better life might be a few of the most common reasons. When genealogists think of immigration and immigrants, they might focus on their immigrant...


  • Ancestry To Apply AI-Driven Handwriting Recognition Technology

    Jun 7

    The Ancestry Team stated that access to this highly anticipated census collection will be available to search sooner than any previous census collection. Using new, proprietary Artificial intelligence (AI) handwriting recognition technology, Ancestry announced it will deliver a searchable index of the 1931 Census of Canada to customer...


  • Succession to the British Throne Under King Charles III

    Jun 4

    Many people watched the coronation of King Charles III. Wikipedia noted that he is now the sovereign, and his heir apparent is his elder son, William, Prince of Wales. William’s three children are next, in order of birth: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Fifth in line is Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the younger son of th...


  • Thomasville Chapter DAR Features Technology For Genealogy

    May 23

    The April meeting of the Thomasville Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) featured a program by Melody Porter about the use of technology in genealogy research. Chapter Regent Charlotte Brown introduced the speaker. Porter’s background is in IT as a software business analyst and project manager but she has ...


  • Underwater Hospital And Cemetery Found At Dry Tortugas

    May 18

    Dry Tortugas National Park announced the finding of archaeological remains of a 19th century quarantine hospital and cemetery on a submerged island near Garden Key. While only one grave has been identified, historical records indicate that dozens of people, mostly U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Jefferson, may have been buried there. The sm...


  • Reparations Task Force Recommends “Down Payments”

    May 16

    The California Reparations Task Force was scheduled to meet on May 6, 2023. The Task Force published documents on Monday, May 1. 2023, indicating it had plans to recommend the state apologize for racism and slavery, and consider “down payments’ of varying amounts to eligible African American residents, Cal Matters reported. The doc...


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