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  • North Iowa Genealogy Society Leaving Public Library

    Nov 7

    The North Central Iowa Genealogical Society is moving out of the Mason City Public Library. The genealogical society has been in the library for nearly 40 years. According to the Globe Gazette, the library board and the genealogical society have been discussing its relocation for months. The Globe Gazette reported on October 23, 2018, that t...


  • Outstanding Skills

    Nov 7

    When doing the research and investigating every lead about your ancestors you can strongly develop certain skills … almost 'outstanding' in levels. You usually will need a couple of this skills to be successful in your research. If you lack any specific skill, this is where you call in help from family and friends. Do not hesitate to ask, many pe...


  • Civil War Diary

    Nov 5

    It is fascinating to read the pages written by a soldier in the field during the American Civil War (1861-1865), what were the hardships the had to endure. There are many of such diaries to survive over 150 years. However, you don't always hear of dairies from those on the home front, those women and their children and older citizens – what was t...


  • Saving Today’s Digital Photos

    Nov 3

    You might have hundreds of digital photos (includes videos and documents) on your smartphone, tablet or a digital camera but are you preserving them for the years ahead? To help solve that problem, Google has created Google Photos management. Start with creating or use an existing Google Account (you may need to download an app for the tablet andr...


  • Voting was Wild in the 1870s and 1880s

    Nov 1

    Think politics and elections are wild now in the 21st century, they were crazy wild in the 1870s and 1880s in America. Yet, roughly 30 to 40% today turn out to vote. The Federal mid-term elections for your ancestors back in the 1880s had roughly 80% of the voting public turned out – now that is only white and black men since the ladies still did...


  • Ancestorville

    Oct 31

    Using the online auction and sale site of eBay is wonderful to possibility locating a lost family photo or heirloom. There is a similar site known as 'Ancestorville'. Debra Clifford as an antique dealer sees thousands of family photos all the time and knew there had to be a method to reunite these items with family members. So on the online site ...


  • Wisconsin Databases

    Oct 29

    If you had an ancestor who lived or worked in Wisconsin or even one of the neighboring states to Wisconsin the range of databases could prove helpful. The Wisconsin Historical Society has online a large array of resources. There are a few dating to the 1600s but the majority are 1700s through the 20th century. You can searching using dates, county...


  • Directory of Surnames

    Oct 27

    It is great to have at your fingertips a directory of information. Using the online source 'Genealogy Today' they have a listing of many family surnames. When you click on a specific surname there will be a listing of well-known individuals with that name and their life, and then a long list of directories with members names including the one you a...


  • American Slang to Family Stories

    Oct 25

    As you gather information on your ancestors and even do a bit of writing short stories about a specific branch or relative, keep in mind the time period they lived in. You will include about historical events that may have affected their lives but one item you may have not thought of – the American slang phrases that ancestor used during their li...


  • Family Tree Templates

    Oct 23

    The presentation is everything. Once you have gathered quite a few of ancestors on your family tree, you may want to start sharing and displaying those relatives on a family tree. True, you will still be gathering and correcting but it does give you the incentive to keep going once you see those names and dates in a nice displayed tree. So online ...


  • The Census Can Contain Incorrect Information

    Oct 23

    Census records can be very useful for genealogists. It should not be the only source of information that genealogists rely on, because census records can contain incorrect information. There are many reasons why that happens. Spelling Mistakes Genealogists might assume that their ancestors spelled the family surname exactly as it is spelled tod...


  • Families and County Histories

    Oct 21

    Do you need another location previously not checked to learn more about your family? How about the hometown county history. Most (not all counties) in a variety of states have written up their county history. Well, a county's history is made up of its residents. So once you know a time frame and a hometown county for a family branch, you can start...


  • Younger Generation Involved in Family Tree

    Oct 19

    It is thought that many people do not get involved or develop an interest in their family tree until they are in the 40s or older. Yet, here are a few suggestions to encourage or spark the interest of someone younger than 40 in their family history. Family Photos Scanned – the younger generation knows everything about computers and new technolog...


  • October is German-American Heritage Month

    Oct 18

    October is German-American Heritage Month. The reason is that October 6th is German-American Heritage Day. On that date in 1683, thirteen German families from Krefeld, near the Rhine, landed in Philadelphia. Those families established Germantown, Pennsylvania, the first German settlement in the original thirteen colonies. The families were Germ...


  • 100th Anniversary of the End of ‘Great War’

    Oct 17

    It was the 11th hour, the 11th day in the 11th month that the armistice was signed, 100 years ago, so ending 'The Great War' – the war to end all wars (1914-1918). Americans had been involved since April 1917 but Europeans and British Commonwealth nations (such as Australia and Canada) had been in this war since 1914.   A good project for thi...


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