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  • Basic Steps to Start Research

    Jul 13

    The first step is the easiest – simply start with what you know – YOU. Write your own information, birth, place, schooling, military, marriage, children. Then work your way back to your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Keep the beginning simple – dates and places for your parents, etc. This will give you a good start on your f...


  • MyHeritage Added Austrian and Eastern European Records

    Jul 13

    MyHeritage released new Austrian and Eastern European record collections. These two new record collections come from the Austrian Roman-Catholic church, and total to an addition of 10.7 million records. The first collection is an index of records from a variety of communities around Austria-Hungary as well as Eastern Europe, covering modern...


  • A Day at the Beach – 130 Years Ago

    Jul 11

    Going to the beach is always a fun time. If you live near one, you can just go anytime. If you do live many miles away, it would take some planning and a drive, but still easy. However, our ancestors 130 years ago (19th century) did not have it that easy. Not just a fully covering bathing suit but also a 'Bathing Machine' which was a large wood...


  • Moth Damage

    Jul 9

    For years our ancestors had to deal with keep clothes and other cloth items from being damaged by moths, referred to as 'moth eaten'. It is actually the moth larval – the young, who eat the cloth. They eat in dark areas, so it can be those clothes kept in the back of the closet, in dresser drawers, boxes, that the moth larval find. It was alw...


  • Findmypast UK Released New North American Records

    Jul 8

    Findmypast UK has pointed out some new releases that will help you discover and celebrate your North American ancestors. There are thousands of new records in this release. Manitoba Vital Records: Do you have roots in the Canadian province of Manitoba? Discover family milestones in brand new birth, marriage, and death indexes. Findmypast UK...


  • American Favorite—Lemonade

    Jul 7

    With sugarcane available in colonial America, the making of lemonade became very popular. It became even more popular with everyone into the 1800s. The Temperance Movement – anti-Alcohol was growing in numbers and pushed as a replacement especially on hot days was lemonade. Slogans such as “Good-bye to liquor, here's to lemonade”. Even in...


  • 23andMe is Now a Publicly Traded Company

    Jul 6

    23andMe became a publicly traded company in June of 2021. Their Nasdaq stock market ticket symbol is “ME”, which seems appropriate. This comes after 23andMe partnered with billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Acquisition Group in February of 2021. At the time, a spokesperson from 23andMe told The Guardian that all its DNA samples were...


  • What was a Hoosier Cabinet?

    Jul 5

    All through the 1600s-1700s-1800s and even early 1900s, homes did not have built-in cabinetry. The family kitchen was usually a separate building outside the main house or the use of a fireplace in the family house was the 'kitchen'. By the late 1800s, the setting up of a family kitchen became popular. Not just for cooking but to store dishes and ...


  • Popsicle’s – Popular for Generations

    Jul 3

    A true summer treat for generations is the Popsicle. Using ice to have cool drinks and desserts has been done for centuries. But looking back at 1905 there was a young boy named Frank Epperson who lived in Oakland, Calif. One cold day he mixed water and soda powder and mixed it with a wooden stirring stick. He did forget it and it stayed outside o...


  • Find Ancestors who Fought in the American Revolution

    Jul 2

    The FindMyPast team posted information on a blog titled: “How to trace ancestors who fought in the American Revolution”. The information in it could be what you need to learn more about those ancestors. According to, the American Revolution is also known as the Revolutionary War. It began in 1775 and ended in 1783. This war ...


  • Why Do People Tip?

    Jul 1

    There is a long tradition of tipping your waitress or waiter at a restaurant. Your ancestors may have worked most of their career as a waitress or waiter and were very dependent on tips left by their customers. So how did it all start? In England during the 1600s, a practice was done where any overnight guests in a person's private home would p...


  • Study Offers Insights on Genetics of Depression

    Jun 24

    23andMe pointed out a new genome-wide association study that was led by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The study is shedding light on the genetic underpinnings of major depression. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 16 million Americans are affected by depression each year, and nearly 6 million Americans suff...


  • Everyday Things and Activities Rarely Done Now

    Jun 23

    Daily everyday types of activities and items were common for our grandparents but things do change. Our parents had different chores and activities in their lives that now seem strange and rarely done. Here are a few examples of items rarely done in the 21st century. It will give you a better vision of the life of your parents and grandparents. ...


  • Archaeologists Search for Tulsa Race Massacre Victims

    Jun 22

    The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has allowed archaeologists to resume their search for the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Previously, Tulsa City officials launched an effort to find the victims in 2018, but it yielded no results. The Tulsa Race Massacre occurred over 18 hours from May 31 to June 1, 1921. A white mob attacked residents...


  • HistoryLInes – Adding Real Historical Events to the Family Tree

    Jun 21

    You have begun to gather the basic information on some of your ancestors. Just getting the correct birth date, marriage date and death date plus locations can be difficult. As you manage to gather the information you find you want to learn more about their life or at least events around them. So now there is the new online program titled “His...


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