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  • Why Should I Hire a Genealogist?

    Aug 9

    Genealogists spend a lot of time researching their ancestors. Over time, and with practice, their confidence in their skill grows. Those who fit those descriptions may feel they have everything under control. Eventually, everyone requires some help. Why should I hire a genealogist? There are many reasons why hiring a genealogist is a good ide...


  • Baltimore City Directories

    Aug 9

    Any time, any place you locate a city directory for where an ancestor lived, you have a gold mine. True, each type of city directory can vary but most have the person's name, home address, occupation, spouse, and work location. has a full listing for city directories that are scanned and view-able for the city of Baltimore, Mar...


  • Translating Documents

    Aug 7

    You look high and low for every bit of documentation about your ancestor you can locate. Those found journals, vital records, documents help prove and clarify the bits and pieces about the life of an ancestor. So when a new document is located you want to understand everything written on it … only problem can be is if it was written in a langua...


  • Confederate Deaths at Camp Douglas

    Aug 1

    Many people recall their history of the terrible conditions for Union prisoners at Andersonville Prison in Georgia during the American Civil War. For those who had ancestors on the Confederate side, there can be a different version of what happened to their relatives taken as prisoners. One such prison was Camp Douglas, 80 acres in size, on the so...


  • Saving those Family Photos by Scanning

    Jul 31

    If you are the keeper of the family massive photo collection, including those from 100 year or plus years ago, you know there is a major duty to be done. SCAN Them !! Anything could happen to the original photos, (including negatives and slides) no matter what era or type they are. Even the natural aging process could fade some photos, so you need...


  • Illegal Border Crosses–For Centuries

    Jul 29

    Totally in the newspaper headlines in 2018 are about illegal border crossings, yet few realized it has been happening for decades, even centuries in the Americas. This is especially true of Canada and the American colonies / states. An example, Ontario, Canada was created by political refugees coming from the new United States. Those who fled the...


  • The Other Witch Trials

    Jul 27

    Most everyone has read or heard of the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of 1692 in colonial America, where 20 people (women and a couple men) thought to be 'witches' were put on trial and many put to death when found guilty. Yet, mostly unknown there were hundreds more from miles outside of Salem who were accused and spent time in jail before the ...


  • End of Fighting during Korean War – 65 Years

    Jul 25

    The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum in California will host a commemoration marking the 65th anniversary of the end of the Korean War on Saturday, July 28, from 11 a.m. to noon. The end of the Korean War was July 27th. This event will include a slide presentation, a variety of guest speakers, and recognition of those who served in Korea. U...


  • U. S. Military Exemptions

    Jul 21

    You may have searched in numerous records and databases and not found if an ancestor ever served in the American military. Generally, a male served in the military for some period during their life regardless of state or territory he lived or what time period his life covered. If they really didn't serve, one major reason would be they were exempt ...


  • 1700-1880 – Descendants of Mayflower Passengers

    Jul 19

    Using the online database “American Ancestors” you can search your ancestors and see if they were descendants from the passengers of the 1620 Mayflower ship. Use the form to search placing an ancestor who would have lived from 1700 to 1880. If they lived 1881 to 1969 it won't work. Plus have an idea if you believe your ancestors went back to t...


  • Homestead Act

    Jul 17

    Did the Homestead Act of 1862 and the movement of families to the American Western frontier after 1865 change your family tree? Those two events had a sizable effect on families who had lived for decades along the eastern coast to the Appalachian Mountains and now whole families or individuals left their hometowns to head west for a new life. The ...


  • Photos Across America 1977 to 1996

    Jul 15

    A photographer, Barry L. Gleller, from Oregon, traveled across America and into Canada from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990 (during the months of May and August) taking photos of businesses, factories, churches, street scenes, offices, shops, especially in smaller towns in the nation. However, there are many shots of L.A. And San Francisco. His co...


  • Dangers and Your Vintage Photos

    Jul 13

    Vintage photos are not just those of 100 years in age but can include those only 15 years old. All are priceless and can not be done over again. You do have to preserve and protect all print photos. Digital images are a totally different category. Some of the most dangerous happenings that can affect your vintage photos. First heat can accelerate ...


  • Ireland Illustrated 1680-1860

    Jul 11

    With any ancestors from Ireland, there wasn't always photos available of the earlier years – say before 1860 (because photography was a very new invention). So instead it is great to see that many illustrations (drawings) were done of places and people in Ireland over the decades, mostly from travel accounts. The online site, Ireland Illustrated...


  • FamilySearch Added Records for Denmark, Finland, and Sweden

    Jul 11

    FamilySearch announced the availability of its newest record collections, which consist of 135.4 million free, digital historical records from Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. These should be useful for genealogists who have ancestors from those countries. The new collections were digitized in a partnership between FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and the...


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