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  • Study Finds Genetic Link To Smoking And Drinking

    Dec 22

    Nature published information from a study titled: “Largest-ever analysis finds genetic links to smoking and drinking”. More than 3,500 genetic variations that potentially affect smoking and drinking behavior have been identified in a study involving almost 3.4 million people with African, American, East Asian, and European ancestry. The...


  • Indiana Genealogical Society Provides More Resources

    Dec 20

    The Tribune-Star reported that many family researchers join their local genealogical society perhaps unaware that there is also a larger society. The Indiana Genealogical Society is located in Fort Wayne and is available for anyone with an interest in Hoosier genealogy to join. Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS) was formed in 1989. It stri...


  • MyHeritage Updated A German Record Collection

    Dec 18

    MyHeritage announced an update to the Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, Death Index 1874-1938 collection in collaboration with the Landesarchiv Nordhein Westfalen, the State Archives of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this update, MyHertiage added 9 million death records from the the districts of Düsseldorf and Köln, bringing the total number of r...


  • FamilyTreeDNA Will Be Platinum Sponsor At RootsTech 2023

    Dec 15

    NOTE: FamilyTreeDNA is not connected to FamilySearch announced that at RootsTech, we bring you the leading experts in the field to introduce you to the latest innovations in family history. We are excited to present one of RootsTech Platinum Sponsors: FamilyTreeDNA.  Discover your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA’s ...


  • Finding Your Roots Seeks Family Mysteries

    Dec 13

    Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. is about to start filming its 10th season. To celebrate, they want to find a viewer to appear in the series! They are looking for someone with a family mystery that their team can solve. If you have one and want to be on the show, click a box on the Finding Your Roots website and tell them your sto...


  • A Check-In On 23andMe’s Sarcoidosis Study

    Dec 9

    Not too long ago, 23andMe launched a new study of sarcoidosis, specifically aimed at better understanding the underlying genetic and environmental factors that contribute to sarcoidosis in individuals with African ancestry. Sarcoidosis (pronounced SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is a rare inflammatory disease that affects the Black community at double the...


  • Study Identifies Genetic Links to Dyslexia

    Nov 29

    A study titled: “Discovery of 42 genome-wide significant loci associated with dyslexia” was posted on Nature. It was published on October 20, 2022. There are many scientists and groups who contributed to it. The Abstract states: Reading and writing are crucial life skills but roughly one in ten children are affected by dyslexia, which c...


  • Doctors Treated A Fatal Genetic Condition Before Birth

    Nov 24

    A team of doctors in the U.S. and Canada are reporting a medical first, Gizmodo reported. They were able to start treating a child’s rare and often deadly genetic condition while she was still a fetus in the womb - the same condition that claimed the lives of her siblings. Now 16 months old, the child, named Ayla, appears to be developing as...


  • People Celebrate Thanksgiving In Different Ways

    Nov 22

    Thanksgiving is celebrated differently depending on what country you live in. Some countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving at all. Your Thanksgiving celebration might look similar to, or vastly different from, how people in various countries celebrate it with their families. pointed out that Thanksgiving falls under a category o...


  • New And Improved Family Statistics On MyHeritage

    Nov 17

    Ever wonder which of your relatives lived the longest, the average age of your relatives at marriage, or which first names are the most common in your family? Did you know that there’s a handy section of the MyHeritage website that can tell you all of this and much more?  We’re delighted to announce that our useful Family Statistics f...


  • The 1921 Census Is Online Now

    Nov 15

    In a partnership with The National Archives, the 1921 Census of England & Wales is now exclusively online at Findmypast.  After 100 years locked away, the highly-anticipated 1921 Census of England & Wales is now online and accessible for the very first time. There is no end to the secrets and surprises hidden in the Census and ...


  • 23andMe Adds Ancestry Composition For People Of Ashkenazi Ancestry

    Nov 10

    In the latest update to 23andMe’s Ancestry Reports and features, we’ve added finer detail for customers with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry allowing them to trace their family connections back to seven genetic groups corresponding to regions within Eastern and Central Europe. Some of these regions overlap, but they map to areas with deep his...


  • Feedback Helps Improve New Person Page

    Nov 8

    Trying out a new process for a gradual launch of the new person page has paid off for FamilySearch users and engineers. After first releasing the change in early August of 2022, FamilySearch software engineers have spent 2 months gathering and reading over 4,000 comments. This review process has allowed them to adjust or fix over 150 items bas...


  • Student Researchers Contribute To The Genealogy Of Slavery

    Oct 27

    Officially, the Genealogy of Slavery project at Roanoke College’s Center for Studying Structures of Race this summer involved research to develop a database of information about enslaved people in Southwest Virginia before and during the Civil War. Unofficially, the student researchers were working to restore the names and stories of people ...


  • Line of Succession To The British Throne – 2022

    Oct 25

    Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022. According to Wikipedia, the crown is inherited by a sovereign’s children or by a childless sovereign nearest the collateral line. The current line of succession to the British Throne is limited to the descendants of the sons of George V, Charles III’s great-grandfather. The official Royal.UK website prov...


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