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  • 23andMe has Genetic Risk Report for G6PD Deficiency

    Jun 13

    23andMe announced that it has added a new Genetic Risk Report for G6PD Deficiency. It looks for one genetic variant linked to episodes of anemia. G6PD stands for “Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency”. It is a genetic disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males. It affects red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to ti...


  • Why No Death Certificate

    Jun 11

    It can be a bit frustrating when you can not find any record or certificate or even obituary for an ancestor's death. There can be some logical reasons why there is no death record that you have found yet. If you look at some possible reasons why you might not find it, then you have a chance of locating it. Reason first is the spelling of a name. ...


  • How to Revoke Research Consent from DNA Testing Companies

    Jun 10

    People are often very excited to see the results of their DNA test. Later, some people become concerned about what the DNA company will share. Fortunately, there are ways to revoke research consent from DNA testing companies. 23andMe Researchers who conduct analyses will have access to your genetic and other personal information, but not to you...


  • MyHeritage had a Data Breach

    Jun 8

    MyHeritage posted a very important blog titled: “MyHeritage Statement About a Cybersecurity Incident”. Genealogists and family historians who have an account at MyHeritage should take the time to read it. The blog provides details about what happened and what steps MyHeritage has taken after learning about the incident. MyHeritage started...


  • Organization of Your Family History Archives

    Jun 5

    Generally, it is one or two people in a family generation who are the keeper of family heirlooms, photos, documents, etc and who also be the one to do the family history research. IF this is you, here are a few suggestions for attempting to put some organization to the family collection. You basically need things divided into categories. There is ...


  • Study Offers Look at Genetics and Nearsightedness

    Jun 5

    Have you ever wondered why some of the people in your family are nearsighted? 23andMe pointed out a new study by a consortium of researchers that offers the most detailed view yet of the role of genetics and nearsightedness. The 23andMe Research Team was among the consortium of researchers involved in the study. The study is titled: “Genome-wi...


  • 100th Anniversary-End of the Great War

    Jun 5

    The Armistice that ended the first World War originally known as 'The Great War' was signed November 11, 1918 – nearly 100 years ago. The Virginia Library has made digital their collections of some interesting photos and transcribed documents all related to World War One. On the American home front, residents were to conserve food and purchase ...


  • Before You Reach Out to Your Genetic Relatives…

    Jun 2

    MyHeritage sells a DNA testing kit that consumers can take if they want to learn more about their genetics. Those who take the test will be notified if a DNA Match exists. DNA Matches is a feature that uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Before you rush into reaching out to your genetic relatives, there are some things you should consider. ...


  • Father’s Day–the Family History Researcher

    Jun 1

    For any whose father, brother, uncle, grandfather or husband are working on the family history research, here are a few ideas that would make interesting gifts on Father's Day – June 17th, 2018. Get a copy of the names-dates-places for the family tree gathered to date. Have it reproduced on fine parchment, stock paper and even framed. True, it m...


  • Finding Vintage Photos and Ephemera

    May 29

    One is always on the lookout for family vintage photos, and you should be because you never know where one can turn up. Of course, you check with all living relatives, some who do not even realize they have tucked away old photos. Offer to assist them to sort the photos. An online site named 'Ancestorville' loves looking in all types of places (ya...


  • Finding Death Information

    May 27

    As the nation remembers for who served in the military and gave their lives this Memorial Day, you may have your own military veterans or other ancestors that you need information of when and where they died. So here are some locations, make you to completely check all locations. The hometown obituaries / death notices in newspapers are the best m...


  • Collections of the American West

    May 25

    As you gone through searching for information about your ancestors, there was usually at least ancestor who choose to leave the eastern section of America and head to the western territories for a new life. Through the collection titled 'Edward D. Graff' with the Newberry Library Collection there is now available a massive collection of photos, do...


  • Details to Learn about Where Your Ancestors Lived

    May 23

    A really interesting research section to your family history can be centered on the hometown and home county where your ancestors lived. Start by learning the history of the family hometown. A good place would be Googling the town's name and see what is available, Make notes and place down the sources. See if there is a historical museum in that ...


  • Reason Why DNA Testing is Growing in China

    May 22

    It is obvious that DNA testing is popular in the United States and the UK. Most, if not all, of the news we hear about DNA testing kits, the companies who sell them, and the results customers receive, is about people who live in the US or UK. In China, DNA testing is a niche market, but is growing. There are several reasons why. Royal Blood an...


  • Ohio in World War One

    May 21

    With the 100th anniversary in 2018 of the end of World War One, you will want to examine how your ancestors were involved – either as a soldier, Red Cross aide or on the home front in hometowns. For anyone with ties to Ohio, The World War I in Ohio Digital Collection is available online. "One banner displayed in Ohio read "Everyone who creates...


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