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  • Florida Legislature Passes DNA Privacy Act

    Apr 22

    Florida has passed a bill that protects DNA from an expanded list of insurers. The Protecting DNA Privacy Act (HB 833) prohibits DNA analysis and disclosure of DNA results without express consent; removes criminal penalties; prohibits collection or retention of DNA sample of another person without express consent for specified purposes; and pr...


  • Items Not Collected Anymore

    Apr 21

    You just might have items handed down through the family that could be considered 'collectibles' – items today highly prized and could cost a collector some money if that person really wanted to add it to their collection. However, the collecting world does change over the decades. Something that was a valuable collectible in 1970 might be only ...


  • MyHeritage Announced Genetic Groups of DNA Matches

    Apr 20

    MyHeritage announced that you can now compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA Matches. In December of 2020, MyHeritage introduced Genetic Groups, an enhancement to their Ethnicity Estimate which increases the resolution of MyHeritage DNA’s ethnicity breakdown to 2,114 geographic regions. Previously on the Review Match page, there...


  • Ice Cream Favorite

    Apr 19

    An American favorite has been ice cream. In the early 1920s, ice cream had a new spin on it, the creation of the Klondike bar. It was also in the United Kingdom and called 'Choc Ice'. Either way it was vanilla ice cream frozen into a block shape and covered in melted chocolate. The process of making the chocolate bars changed over the years. Ev...


  • Flashy American Building Designs

    Apr 17

    From the 1930s through the 1960s, it was very common for your ancestors in America to get in the family car to go to special attractions for entertainment – most known as 'roadside attractions'. These spots also had diners or restaurants to feed the visitors and gift shops with souvenirs. The best way to get a family to stop and visit the attrac...


  • Letters to Family & Friends during Spanish Flu

    Apr 15

    In 2020 and 2021, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have kept family and friends informed of our health, jobs and getting the vaccines using email, text messages, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is 21st technology. For our ancestors who experienced the 1917-1919 Spanish Flu, they could use the telephone, telegram, or writing and sending...


  • Findmypast Added Thousands of Records From England

    Apr 15

    Findmypast wants you to grow your English Family Tree with new parish baptism, banns, marriages, burials, and monumental inscriptions covering Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and Essex. Thousands of new records have been added. Norfolk Baptisms Search over 9,000 new additions to their Norfolk Baptisms collection, covering 1937 to discover your an...


  • Your Ancestors During the 1930s

    Apr 13

    Your ancestors may have lived or grown up during the 1930s in America. The 1930s was a period marked, unfortunately, by chaos and dismay. This was due to the Great Depression and the start of World War II at the closing of the decade. Despite this, there were still plenty of fascinating and fun occurrences that happened during this era and affecte...


  • Study Confirms Basque “Genetic Singularity”

    Apr 13

    El Pais reported that researchers at Pompeu Fabra university (UPF) in Barcelona confirmed the “genetic singularity” of the Basques in Europe in the largest-ever study of almost 2,000 DNA samples. The investigation found this genetic difference only began to emerge 2,500 years ago in the Iron Age. The study was published in Current Biology....


  • Victorian Letter Writing

    Apr 11

    Such a 'lost' art in the 21st century. But if you are fortunate to have hand-written letters handed down through the family, you truly have a treasure. Since there were very few if any telephones and telegraph messages were expensive, the best method to send messages and family information was via a hand-written letter mailed by the US post office...


  • The Poodle Skirt of the 1950s

    Apr 9

    During the 1950s, a big fashion craze was popular – known as the 'poodle skirt'. You may or may not have heard of it but if you had ancestors (grandmothers, mothers, aunts, cousins) lived during the 1950s as young ladies or adults, – they knew of poodle skirts. The birth of these circle skirts creating volume were worn with layers of pettic...


  • FamilySearch Community has a New Look

    Apr 8

    The FamilySearch Community has been updated with a new look, additional functionality, and navigation enhancements. Members of the FamilySearch Community can answer questions you may have, and you can help others by sharing what you know. Whether you need expert help, or want to connect with others who share your passion for family history, th...


  • Civil War – Sanitary Fairs

    Apr 7

    It was dangerous and hard for a few years during the American Civil War of 1861-1865 for our ancestors. Many families of Union soldiers in the northern states helped the Federal troops who needed additional assistance with medical care and nutritious food that maybe the military was not able to provide. Those families got together and came up with...


  • DNA Reveals America’s Mixed Race History

    Apr 6

    23andMe posted an article that was written by Elliot Aguliar, Ph.D, who is a scientific advisor for the Africa Center in New York City. He points out that America has not only been a multiracial nation but a nation of mixed-race people. In the article, Elliot Aquliar wrote: While the historical evidence can tell us that racial mixing happen...


  • Maine’s State Archives

    Apr 5

    The state in the far northeast corner of the United States is Maine. It joined the United States on March 15, 1820, when there were about 298,000 citizens, so there is a long history. Its population in 2019 was about 1.3 million. If you had any ancestors, even branches to your family who lived any number of years in Maine, you will want to check o...


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