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  • Findmypast has Acquired Twile

    Mar 7

    Twile announced that it has been acquired by Findmypast. The acquisition was first announced at RootsTech 2018. It appears that the two companies have been working together previous to the acquisition. On February 11, 2016, Twile posted a blog post titled “Twile Partners with Findmypast”. The most relevant part of the post is: “We are de...


  • MyHeritage Launched DNA Quest

    Mar 6

    MyHeritage announced that they have launched a pro bono initiative called DNA Quest. The purpose of DNA Quest is to help adoptees and their birth families to find each other. According to MyHeritage, more than 7 million Americans are adopted, and many are searching for their biological parents or siblings. Every year, some adoptees and their b...


  • Interesting Family Stories

    Mar 5

    In Frederick, MD, there is an interesting local historical character known as Barbara Fritchie who during the American Civil War, 1862, defied the Confederate soldiers as they marched into Frederick warning them not to touch the US flag that hung from her roof. She was a Unionist, in 1863 a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier stated Fritchie said to a...


  • FamilySearch Classes Presented at RootsTech 2018 Now Online

    Mar 5

    RootsTech 2018 has come and gone, but the knowledge shared there remains. FamilySearch has made eight RootsTech 2018 classes available to view on the FamilySearch website. There are a total of eight FamilySearch classes that were presented at RootsTech 2018 and that are now available to view online. The classes are downloadable. They are: Fa...


  • Additional New Databases – Indiana

    Mar 3

    Again the Indiana Genealogical Society is making digital additional records to be online, this time info on Civil War soldiers and 8 Indiana counties. All of them are free to use. The Civil War data is from GAR - Grand Army of the Republic (Northern veterans) covering encampments meetings, officers and those members who had died at a specific date...


  • Finding Ancestors in Newspapers

    Mar 1

    To locate any print newspaper articles relating to your ancestors, start where they lived is number ONE. Look back over birth and marriage certificates, check a death certificate and census records for where a person lived over their life. Keep a list with dates. Add surrounding cities or towns or if near the border with another state be sure to in...


  • States’ Counties and their Changes

    Feb 27

    As you research where your ancestors lived it can be so nice if they stayed in one location (a town or county) for decades, making the searching for records much easier. YET, there can be problems with even the same town or county. There are many examples, but here is one of the changes. If an individual was born in Dade County, FL in 1899, the v...


  • Head West Young Man

    Feb 25

    That is exactly what many of our ancestors did during the 19th century, left their traditional hometowns along the east coast or the Great Lakes area to travel to a new, mostly uncharted part of the country - the far west. It was a way to start fresh for many individuals and families. The covered wagons were the main source of transportation in the...


  • Major Weather or Other Disasters

    Feb 23

    Your ancestors could well have been directly or even indirectly affected by some of the noted weather or other disasters to strike any region of the United States. With those having ancestors in America during the 1800s, here are a few of such disasters. The cholera epidemic of 1832 killed thousands of people in Europe and North America and create...


  • Finds on eBay

    Feb 21

    So true, all types of photos, booklets, journals, letters, receipts, etc can be found up for auction or 'buy now' on eBay (an online auction site). People from around the globe can place items they have owned or just acquired (such as yard sales, second-hand stores, thrift shops etc.). It is truly amazing what can be found. Of course, you have t...


  • 100th Anniversaries

    Feb 19

    Whenever a hundredth anniversary of any historic event is approaching, that is the time to be a part of it to learn how an ancestor was part of it. An example is that 2018 in November, will mark the end of 'The Great War' (World War One) - 1914-1918. The United States entered the war in April 1917 and it truly affected individuals and families all ...


  • OBITS – Database

    Feb 17

    Available online is a free listing and transcription of obituaries from around the United States. It is called OBITCITY. It developed from individuals sharing family and friends print obituaries and just grew from there. It is organized by state names and within each state the letter for a surname, such as 'A-H'. Click on the state the person migh...


  • DNA Testing Might Affect Your Ability to Get Life Insurance

    Feb 17

    Genealogy and genetics have become entwined. A direct-to-consumer DNA test kit is among the most popular holiday gifts to give or receive. These tests often show you information about your heritage, and many can also provide you with some personalized health information. It turns out that some life insurance companies are looking at potential cust...


  • Where to Find African American Genealogy Records Online

    Feb 15

    Looking for information about your African American ancestors? You could start with the 1870 population census. It is the first one that includes many African Americans by name. You can also use a variety of African American genealogy records that can be found online. FamilySearch African American Genealogy Records Most people seeking their A...


  • FamilySearch Closed the Park City Family History Center

    Feb 14

    The leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a change in operations to the Park City Family Tree Center. It closed its doors for good on January 31, 2018. This is in addition to a changes made to some LDS Visitor's Centers. Park City is located East of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a historic mining town. The Park Cit...


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