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  • The First U. S. Census

    Sep 29

    The first U. S. Census Day was in 1790, late summer time, when brave enumerators went out on horseback to find, question and catalogue the population of the United States, visiting every household. The new U.S. Congress set on March 1, 1790, to have a census taken and done every ten years. The purpose for the census was for used to allocate Congres...


  • United Kingdom – Census Database

    Sep 27

    Many of us have ancestors from the United Kingdom. With the census beginning there in 1841, it can be a great resource. The United Kingdom Census Database (FreeCen) continues to update it content, so there may be individuals you tried earlier to find and now they have been included in this free database. The many volunteers are still transcribing ...


  • How to Start Building a Family Tree

    Sep 26

    One thing every genealogist spends time and effort on is the creation of their family tree. It is the sort of project where one things leads to another. There is always more to do! The hardest part is getting started. Here is how to start building a family tree. There is more than one way to begin. You could choose to start with yourself. ...


  • Get the Right Photos at a Family Cemetery

    Sep 25

    When you have the opportunity to visit a family hometown cemetery, make sure you get all the right photos, you may not visit it very often. Number one is a photo of the cemetery entrance with its full name. You might think you will remember, but maybe not. Next when you are at the family grave plots take many different shots from different angles...


  • ArchiveGrid

    Sep 23

    You have worked many hours researching relatives on your family tree. Yet, you wonder, are you missing something, have you overlooked a source. Using 'ArchiveGrid' from, you can have a list for a specific hometown. It resources number over 5 million records from over 1,000 archival institutions. On the homepage for ArchiveGrid, you ca...


  • Women as Businesswomen

    Sep 21

    Whether you realized it or not, females have played a major role in town businesses for decades. Especially during times of war, it was the female ancestors who stepped up to the plate to keep things running on the homefront. The American Revolution (1776-1783) - There was Mary Elizabeth Goddard, who by 1774 ran solely the family two prints newsp...


  • Worst Jobs to Have in the 1800s

    Sep 19

    The following are some of the possible jobs your ancestors may have had sometime during the 1800s if they lived during those times. Most people were farmers, an honorable occupation, still a hard job. Yet, in the 19th century was the need of people to handle other types of work. A Tosher - was a sewer worker with an unusual twist. They sifted thro...


  • Old Letters or a Diary

    Sep 17

    If you are fortunate to have located one or more old letters written to or by an ancestor or better yet, a diary or journal or even vintage postcards, they kept for any length of time, you now have a treasure of insight to that ancestor's life during a certain time frame. True, many of such letters or a diary can be plain, general daily life experi...


  • Step Families

    Sep 15

    Today, you would be hard pressed to identify any families that did not a step parent or stepchildren. Step families are created through death of a parent, a divorce or separation. A step mom or dad comes into a person's life many times accompanied by a step brother or sister. Decades ago, most marriages lasted for life. Separation and divorce were...


  • Princess Diana’s Family Tree

    Sep 15

    Princess Diana was beloved by many. She died in a car crash on August 31, 1997. Twenty years later, her admirers planned to make a pilgrimage to her burial site at Althorpe, which is her childhood home in Northamptonshire, England. Here is a brief look into Princess Diana's family tree. Diana Spencer was born on July 1, 1961. Her father was Edw...


  • National POW/MIA Recognition Day

    Sep 14

    National POW/MIA Recognition Day is observed every September 15. This annual event honors missing service members and their families, and highlights the government's commitment to account for them. Local POW/MIA ceremonies are encouraged throughout POW/MIA Recognition Week, culminating with countless events and the national ceremony in Washin...


  • Common Misspellings

    Sep 13

    Oh, there is a list of very common misspellings to terms used in relationship with your family history research. One of the most common yet with also acceptable but confusing spellings is Descendent and Descendant. Note the last three letters can be 'ent' or 'ant'. Both are acceptable in reference to a person descended from a specified person bas...


  • Ancestry Explains How to Read Your Ethnicity Estimate

    Sep 13 has a very detailed blog titled “More Than a Pie Chart and a Number: Reading Your Ethnicity Estimate”. It provides information that can help you understand more about your ethnicity results from AncestryDNA. Why is it called an ethnicity estimate? says that creating an ethnicity estimate based on your DNA sample ...


  • A Brief History of Uncle Sam

    Sep 12

    September 13th is Uncle Sam Day. Former President George W. Bush proclaimed Uncle Sam Day to be September 13, 1989, in honor of the anniversary of the birth of Samuel Wilson. The city of Troy, New York, requested the designation of Uncle Sam Day. It coincided with the bicentennial celebration of the city of Troy, New York, where Wilson lived and...


  • World Events & Your Ancestors

    Sep 11

    Today's date; Sept 11th - a day that everyone who was living anywhere in the world knows and remembers where they were - it is '9/11' and the attack on several NYC buildings, in Washington, DC, and airplanes. It made and continues to make a major impact on those directly or indirectly affected by those attacks. This is so true for any of your ance...


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