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  • Why is it Important to Preserve Historical Records?

    Sep 13

    Today, many important genealogy records have been digitally archived and made available online. Not all of them have, though! There are many reasons why it is important to preserve historical records. In Case of Fire The Great Chicago Fire burned from October 8, 1871, through October 10, 1871. Most of Chicago's voting records were destroyed i...


  • Great Tidbits about your Family’s Ancestors

    Sep 11

    You wonder sometimes 'why you spend time researching your ancestors'. Besides learning who, when and where there can be so much more to learn about them and their lives. It then helps you see where you came from and how you got to where you are now. Some of the types of tidbits or small treasures of information you might learn about any ancestor i...


  • Will Genealogy Research Change if Men Take their Wives’ Surnames?

    Sep 11

    Genealogists who are researching their paternal line can easily follow the trail from their father's surname to his male relatives. Today, some men change their surname to their wife's last name when they get married. Will genealogy research change as a result of men changing their surnames? The answer to this question is both yes and no. It won...


  • Check Local Newspapers for Info on Pre-Wedding

    Sep 9

    Using your local hometown newspapers have so many great potentials for family history information. One major area overlooked are the many events before a family wedding. Yes, you want the newspaper to announce and maybe even a wedding photo of the bride and groom but there is also much to be learned if you can locate articles in reference to the co...


  • Use eBay to Search

    Sep 7

    You would be amazed at what is offered and sold on eBay -the online auction site. You might not be aware but photos, postcards, documents and even actual personal artifacts from your ancestors could very well be found for auction on eBay. Some of the more common items include a family Bible, personal journals or letters, items related to a famil...


  • Online Safety Tips for Genealogists

    Sep 6

    Genealogists use the internet to do research and to add to their family trees. There is a wealth if useful genealogy information online, and this has resulted in an increased interest in genealogy. Unfortunately, some people use the internet to harass others and steal personal information. Here are some online safety tips for genealogists to follow...


  • 50 States’ Archives

    Sep 5

    All the 50 US states keep archives relating to people, places, businesses and events covering the state's history. This may have been a resource you have not investigated to date. If you have, did you only do the states you ancestors live in or did you do also the bordering states? State archives have been made digital, so you can now go to any of...


  • Differences Between DNA Testing for Genealogy and for Catching Criminals

    Sep 4

    When genealogists consider DNA testing, they are usually seeking information about things like where their family came from. Recently, DNA testing results are being used to catch criminals. There are differences between DNA testing used for genealogy and DNA testing used for solving crimes. DNA Testing for Genealogy Starts when a genealogist ...


  • Doing a Timeline

    Sep 3

    Family History is not just names and dates but the stories that go with those individuals. A straight basic timeline can provide the dates and names but there also several other types of timelines. There is the individual ancestor timeline – where you plot out the history on just ONE ancestor – select the one you do have a good deal of info s...


  • Anything or Place Named after an Ancestor?

    Sep 1

    As you work gathering names and information for your family tree, you can see given and surnames repeated over the generations. Children and grandchildren named for their ancestors. It has always been a common practice. However, an interesting twist is to see if any object, street, building, landmark or place was named for an ancestor. Once locate...


  • Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight Years

    Aug 31

    With August 2018 it has been 228 years since the first U. S. Census was taken in August 1790. Doing any type of family history research you are very dependent on using any census. If your ancestors date back before 1790 that is many censuses to cover to bring your family to mid-20th century. But why that first census? As written in the U. S. Cons...


  • Can You Merge a Genealogy Society with a Historical Board?

    Aug 30

    Can You Merge a Genealogy Society with a Historical Board? It is possible, and it has been done. How people choose to merge the two depends on organization, communication, and the specific circumstances surrounding the merger. The Tama County Historical Society & Genealogical Library was created when the Tama County Historical Society merged...


  • Antiquated American Phrases and Sayings

    Aug 29

    Part of learning about your ancestors' life and times is knowing more of the once common phrases and sayings they may have used. Many of them now are unknown to the present generations. Here are a few samples of American phrases no longer used: Happy cabbage – a large amount of available money to spend on one's self. From the 1880s.   See th...


  • Is it Smart to have a Genealogist on a Historical Society Board?

    Aug 27

    Historical society boards make decisions that affect the lives of the local community of family historians. Although family history and genealogy are different from each other, it is a smart to have a genealogist on a historical society board. A Genealogist Can Help Your Society Evolve Many historical societies were formed in the early 19th ...


  • Sanford Maps – Library of Congress

    Aug 27

    What a great aid the Sanford Fire Insurance Maps can be in doing your family history research. The U. S. Library of Congress has these maps in digital format and are searchable. Currently there are over 25,000 sheets from over 3000 city sets online in the following states: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI,...


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