Paper & Pencil ??

writemeYes, someday – very soon, people may not be using a pen or pencil and paper to write down their ideas, research, information, stories, life history, etc. Instead it will all be using electronic devices.

So what are the advantages of using the newest technology? First it can take up a whole lot less space that using sheets of paper. Also you wouldn’t need a filing cabinet for all those paper folders. It can all be digital to be saved and stored in multiple locations easily.

There is an writing application online that just might an easy solution to convert to digital writing — no matter what you want written. It is Writeappme. It is like having your own free online notebook.

You can write notes to yourself, only for your eyes or you could produce something you want to share with one or more people. Push the button and it is done. It is easy to start, just complete the free registration with a user name, email address and password and begin.

One of the interesting features is that helps you automatically edit what is written and that can really save time. Your writing can be on your desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or other mobile device. The project keeps all the writing safe.

This is useful when you are in library doing research or even in the grocery store making notes of sale items or reviewing what ingredients you need for that night’s dinner.

It’s new and will take a little practice, but could prove to be very useful.

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