Peculiar Connects with Our Ancestors

There is more to your family tree than the collection of names, dates, and locations. Of course, there are the stories and tales that go with each and every one of your ancestors. What can be really fascinating is when you find some peculiar connects over the decades to the family lineage.

For example, you might find that every major military war in United States history had one of your ancestors directly involved. The American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Seminole Wars, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War on Terrorism, and the Iraq War, were major ones, but there were others.

Go before the American Revolution and an ancestor in the 1600s, first half of the 1700s or mid-1800s, could have been in the Indian Wars 1637-1764 (includes the French and Indian War). Then Tecumseh’s War and Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, and Indian Wars in the 1870s.

Military during wartime is just one area that your ancestors could have shared common ground.

Occupations is another, especially those who were farmers. If not working the land they could have been a skilled craftsman such as a blacksmith, hat maker, cabinet / furniture makers were very important, apothecaries would have been druggists, a gunsmith, a tailor or printer was skilled at their work.

Those who may have more educated would include teachers, professors, scientists, doctors, clergyman, lawyers, dentists, and writers. Many of our ancestors provided services such as an innkeeper, stable operator, fish seller, fireman, or lawman (police officer).  

Another interesting area is seeing how many children a family had. Some if might for several generations with 5 or more children. Other families it was 2 or 3 children. Count the number of known children, even if they died as an infant.

Look at given names, especially middle names to see if surnames are used and given names of family members who lived years earlier are repeated. This was once common to name a baby for a child born earlier in the family but who died young. That can make the search harder, so look at dates.

Once you start comparing you will find many areas that many of the ancestors on your tree connect.  

Photos: American Soldiers over the years; American Police Officers; teachers, number of children in a family.

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