Pedigree of Ancestor's Birth Country/State

birth nation chart--alklYou think a pedigree chart is only names and dates for each of your direct lineage of ancestors? No, if can take on many different forms. A different idea was developed by Genealogist J. Paul Hawthorne, one that you demonstrate the variety locations your ancestors were born. Of course in many cases, it will also show how family roots remained in one location for generations.

All you do is select a color for each of the countries your ancestors were born in. England could be blue and Ireland could be green, the United States (better are the individual states each having a color), etc. Then with a blank template start with yourself and have the box in the appropriate color for where you (or any other person you are doing this for) were born. You can place your name also or not. Then do the same for both parents, then the parents for your mother and father each and so on. If you are unsure of a location of birthplace the name you think with question mark or if you have no idea, place a question mark. That will remind you to research further on that ancestor as to the birth place.  

Birth Nation ChartBy having not only the name of the country or state with a color you can see immediately those who immigrated or those branches who remained in one location over the generations. Doing it on a computer makes is easy, or even drawing one out by hand. On the computer use a photo software program. Frame it for display or at least make sure it is included with the family history.

If you can only go out a few generations, still complete such a pedigree chart. It will also inspire you to find the more distant ancestors.

If that was neat to do, try one with a different twist to it. If you know the birth month for each ancestor, place the zodiac sign and name in a box.  birth nation chart--a

Photos: My own family pedigree chart of birth places – one side England for the most part (a touch of Irish) and the side PA and MD (Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage) and the birth pedigree for Megan Smolenyak – genealogist. Also a blank one.

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