PERSI Now Available on FindMyPast

PERSI is a useful tool for genealogists. It is available only on Findmypast, a leader in online genealogy with over 18 million registered members worldwide and records dating back to 1200. You can search the PERSI database at FindMyPast for free (but will need a membership in order to view a digitized record).

PERSI stands for Periodic Source Index. It was created by the staff of the Allen County Public Library Foundation and the ACPL’s Genealogy Center. PERSI indexes articles in 11,000 periodical titles (including 3,000 defunct titles) published by thousands of local, state, national, and international societies and organizations, arranging 2.7 million entries by surname or location and 22 basic subject headings.

The PERSI project began in 1986. Efforts were made to index “current” issues – which would be published in annual volumes. Efforts were also made to index “retrospective” issues – which would be published in a 16 volume set covering 1847 to 1985. 1997 was the last year an annual print volume was produced.

Findmypast is updating and digitizing PERSI, and making it available to search and view online. You can start using PERSI at FindmyPast. There are a variety of potential searches that are available. All you have to do is type the information into the box.

Ways to Search PERSI:
* Periodical – Type the name of a periodical
* Article Title – Type the title of an article
* How-To Article – Type the title of a how-to article
* Subject – Type the subject that you want to search for
* Article Keyword – Type the keyword of an article
* Publication Year – Type the year into the box. Use the drop down box next to it to choose from minus plus 0 years, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or 40 years
* Publisher – Type the name of a publisher
* Has Images – Type the subject that you want to see images of
* Town/City – Type the name of the town or city the periodical is from
* State – Type the state the periodical is from
* Country – Type the country the periodical is from
* County – Type the county the periodical is from
* Optional Keywords – Use this to do a search that doesn’t fit into the other search categories

What can you find using PERSI?
* How-to articles
* Record transcriptions
* Family Histories
* Social Histories
* Local Histories
* Obituaries
* Military service
* Occupation information
* Family Stories
* Church records

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