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reallycolorLooking to do something different with your genealogy and also involve other family members, well, here is a new idea — taking family photos of homes, people, events, etc and convert them to a drawing that can be colored in (just like the classic coloring book).

The site, ‘ReallyColor‘ can help you do that idea. An image you sent via email to the site is converted to a drawing and sent back to your email, so you can print as many copies as desired. Just use original scanned images, which should be as high resolution as possible, with good lighting, and should not be too small or wide (like panoramic shots). You won’t get good results if the images are too small, blurry, out of focus, dark, have a dramatic photo filter applied to them, or contain a large amount of detail.

really-color-petYou don’t have to scan an image you want to submit. Pictures taken in decent lighting by digital cameras and smart phones (even older ones) are usually more than high enough quality for a great ReallyColor experience. Any mobile web browser (smartphone or tablet) can be used to send in the image or sent in a PDF file.

Once at the ReallyColor site, it will analyze the original photo when you upload it and assign to it a quality score between 1 and 100. This should set your expectations prior to continuing the conversion process. A score above 50 is usually pretty good and will convert well. Its conversion tool now offers a new, sophisticated scoring tool custom-built by the ReallyColor image science team.

Once sent back to you as a coloring page, your original image is not shared or saved, so it is safe. Make as many copies as you want after you download it (coming in two PDF and JPEG formats) and even share with other people via email.

The site also offers free coloring image pages such as Occupations (nurse, fireman, people playing sports); Animals (dogs, cats, horses); Events (parties); Places (parks, landmarks, castles, buildings) or Transportation (car, truck, jeep, motorcycle, boat); ready for you to print and color in.

The prices dependent on what type of photo / coloring package you sign up for with ReallyColor. If you order 10 photo credits, for 10 coloring images, that is about $3.99 or 39 cents each. If you order 50 photo credits the cost is $14.99 or 28 cents each. The use of one photo credit is for one photo converted to be colored.

So get some family members together, have them bring some of they more interesting images and have a party creating these and coloring them in.

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