Personal History Month

During the month of May, it is recognized by personal historians as the month to generate awareness about the importance of personal history. During the month of May people should do something to preserve their personal and/or family history.

You may think you could be overwhelmed when you begin contemplate a life story project. But no excuse for not doing something. Any project begins with some basic steps. The way to get started is to – get started!

It does not need to be perfect or have every detail. Start with basics, yourself as a child, or when you first married or in the military. Do the time frame that you most enjoyed.

If you feel you can’t type or handwrite, then just use a recorder and talk into it as if you were telling a friend. Make sure other family members know it exists so one day it can be transcribed and put into written form.

Remember everyone has a story and now is time for you to start to get in down for preservation.

Photos: Family stories from and about your grandparents.

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