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market st-sydneyThe Powerhouse Museum is located in Sydney, Australia. Here they have a large collection of all things, including photos with ties to the people and events of Australia. This online site features many of the photos from the Powerhouse Museum. They are grouped into 49 topics or sets. Some examples of topics include: daguerrotypes, studio photos, rural life, ambrotypes, engineering, Hyde Park, railroads, caves and Norfolk Island to name a few.

As you look over the sets, if one appeals to you, click on that set. Scan down the variety of images, all these thumbnails are larger in size than the standard thumbnail or preview shot. Hold the mouse arrow over the lower level of each thumbnail and a short title will appear to provide information. You can then click on a select image to enlarge it. Below will be all available details (date, location, etc) relating to the photo. Right click on a larger image to save it to your computer.

There are a wide variety of images to view and all time periods. The set titled photo postcards have some 259 images and cover 1905 to 1925 in Australia. Many of the postcards will have personal notes or messages on the front or back which can better help identify who or what is on the postcard.

The Tyrrell Collection has some 1,005 photos, most covering places from the late 1880s into the early 1900s. This is a very nice selection of scenes in Australia from urban to rural.

The Ships & Sails set has 49 interesting images of the ships and harbors which are so famous in Australia. The Tom Lemmon collection has images of New South Wales during the 1930s and 1940s. These photos really gives you a sense of the people, everyday individuals and how they lived in NSW. Everything from parades to parties are in these images.

If you have any ancestors from Australia, this a great collection to browse.

Photo: Glass negative of Market St. in Wynard, Sydney about 1900.

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