Photo Collections at Brigham Young University

In BYU photo collection which has been made digital are nine major collections by different photographers and collectors. Images from World War II, to 19th century American West landscape photos to 293 photographs of California, especially of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake images are just three examples.

Once you select a collection you can browse it or use the search for a specific name, location or time frame. You will see a thumbnail image with a short description of the photo. Find one of interest, click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo and see any further description. You can then download the image to your computer.

Use this chance to view all the collections, there might not be anything related to an ancestor or hometown but many times you will find images of the history of the times your ancestors lived in. 

Photos: 1906 Two men are standing among loose bricks and building debris that is in front of a building with portions of its walls and roof collapsed. Large metal tanks remain standing. On the back of the photo the building has been identified as a school and the tanks as boilers instead of brewery tanks; About 1920-of the Oslen family a studio ½-length semi-profile portrait of a young woman in a dark dress with a lace collar, looking away from the camera and military base – Camp Crowder from 1938-1945.

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