Photos Across America 1977 to 1996

A photographer, Barry L. Gleller, from Oregon, traveled across America and into Canada from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990 (during the months of May and August) taking photos of businesses, factories, churches, street scenes, offices, shops, especially in smaller towns in the nation. However, there are many shots of L.A. And San Francisco. His collection of outstanding images number about 50,000.

He kept everything labeled and organized by the town/city’s name and the state. He died March 12, 1999, but left this great legacy of photos. Those individuals have worked for years to preserve and make available this collection. It was purchased by Mike O’Neill in 2016 and now being made digital and he feels it especially should be part of a museum.

This section is arranged by states. Scroll down to find one you are interested in and click on that image with the state. NOTE – Barry did not go to every state. 

Here is a Map showing the places he went to take photos from 1978 to 1983. You can click on one of the marks for a location and see what town and the dates he was there.

Not all the images are digital to date and online, but if you contact Mike O’Neill because there is a location of interest, I’m sure something could be arranged. 

Photos: Downtown Boulder Colorado, May 1986; Miami, Arizona in 1987; and Walt Mark building in Port-Jervis, NY in 1990.

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