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globe pics-budapestThe online site of Fortepan‘ has a collection of over 51,868 photos from around the globe and dating back to the late 1890s and early 20th century.

Any of the high resolution photos can be downloaded to your computer. There are descriptions along with a time frame for each.

The variety is tremendous of images of buildings, streets, rural areas, businesses and people. Use the search at the top, but start broad, like a country’s name. When you type in a location or term it will show any it has in the category. Place United States and there are 58 images. Place the nation of Hungary and there are 26,867 – so a very large photo collection there. For the United Kingdom there are 71 images, Germany has 1,157 photos and Canada has 12 images. globe pics-canada-Whirlpool bridgeMore exotic locations such as Japan has 8 images and Egypt has 11 photos. There are many other locations to check.  globe pics-Egypt

The timeline lets you select a specific period and there is a thumbnail of the image. Click on the thumbnail to make it larger.  The site is Fortepan.

Photos: The Tóalmás Beretvás front view of the castle in Budapest – 1890s, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge at Niagara, Canada in late 1930s, In Egypt – El-Gomhoria view from the road, opposite the junction of Aldabra and Al Ashmawi streets in the 1960s.

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