Photos from Family Hometowns on eBay

You might be checking eBay listings for any photos available relating to your family lineage. If you locate some you have scored a major hit. However, how about also searching on eBay for photos of the family hometown – any time frame.

Many people did keep photo albums of either postcards or photos they took or purchased of their hometown. Decades later those albums could be sold off in estate sales and then be placed on eBay, opening up them to the world. Just like you would not like family photos of wining up in an unrelated person’s hands, the same is true of vintage images of your family hometown.

Go to eBay site and in the search place the family hometown name and also do a search of the county’s name. Individual photos or even a full photo album might be on the auction site. The seller might be selling the full album or the individual photos. If you find one of interest do email the seller and get details so you are sure it is of an area you are interested with your family lineage.

A very recent find on eBay was the auction for three large vintage photo albums containing about 175 photos of the pioneer Stuart, Fl and surrounding locations from the very early 1900s. This photo was of the local passenger train depot on the left and the freight depot in the far right side next to the first general store for the community. What a prize all the photos are and a big bonus for Stuart’s historical museum.

So check out what might be on eBay and recheck at least once a month or mark a search as a ‘favorite’ for if anything comes up you get an email notice.

Photos: Street scene in Frederick, MD 1910s; Main St. in Little Rock, AR in 1940s and an aerial view of Santa Fe, NM in 1950s.

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