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pic-bike-messengerAs you have done your family history research and covered many decades, some family relatives may have followed in the same occupation as their ancestors – a family tradition.

Using the ‘Old Photo Archive‘ online site you can view vintage photos of individuals at specific occupations at different time frames. They have about 80 plus categories to selection from Everything from artist, carpenter, coal miners, fashion models, newspaper boys, soldier, fisherman to a general laborer. Within each category are numerous photos such as; opera singer has 83 photos, a farmer has 83, a sports boxer has 72, teacher is 27, a barber has 5 and a blacksmith has 3. Plus the site is always added additional images to the categories. pic-butcher-1910

Just click on a category and the photos all appear. You can click on one to enlarge it. Try numerous occupations listed. Some have captions and dates with them, some do not.

These categories are under the title ‘People’. However, look at the top and there are other titles such as Years (photos of a specific date), Places, and Subjects. Under the title of ‘Collections’ is various photo collections on certain topics, such as Native Indians, 1923 World Series, Corey Island, Women Bus Workers and Schools in 1943. pic-flower-sellers

So overall a good site, ‘Old Photo Archive‘ to locate photos of specific occupation and other general categories that might relate to your ancestors.  


Photos: 1920s bike messenger, 1910 a butcher, flower sellers in New York 1908 and school girls in New York in 1943.

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