Photosynth – Enhancing Your Family Images

Photosynth LogoIt is great to experiment and try some of the newest digital technology available. One such is called ‘Photosynth’ available online and produced by Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington. This program generates a 3-dimensional model of a collection of photos. The software became available to the general public in mid-2008.

Using digital photos (scanned at high megapixels ones of old photos of ancestors, hometowns, businesses, farms, etc.) allows the individual to smoothly view the images from all sides. The Photosynth site offers people a chance to make a collection of ordinary photos take on a new life.

At the Photosynth site online a person creates a free account to download their digital photos. There are step-by-step instructions. One draw back is the user can only operate with a Windows computer and there must be a high-speed Internet connection for the large images.

Some of the collection of photos that could be assembled include mementos, keepsakes, a home (inside and out), or scenes of a hometown. All can make for an unusual and interesting tribute to one’s ancestors.

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