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TimelineAn online site ‘Histography‘ helps you see, using a time line, different major historical events – most over a 400-year period.

There are an assortment of categories: women’s rights, inventions, music, wars, literature, etc to select from and explore. Just use the computer mouse to slide the cursor along the time line from left to right and back to the left. The years are visible as you cover the different events. When you find one of interest click and more details including an illustration or photos are shown. Also will be links providing additional details, some with a video. Just click on another location when finished looking over a selection.

Timeline-EdisonAll the years are shown at the top and easy to follow. You will see with the various ‘dots’ along the time line, those represent the different events. So a longer series of dots (up and down), more events.

Some of these events you will be surprised by. An example, the invention of a clock was in 1656. All types of areas are covered; from wars, to inventions, to history making activities of a person or people. It was 1779 that oxygen was discovered – who knew?? It was 1874 in the United States that the idea of equal pay for equal job was established.

So a very interesting research tool ‘Histography‘ which can help you understand better the times you parents, grandparents or great grandparents lived in. Timeline-industry

Photos: Histography time line; 1877 Thomas Edison developing the first phonograph; Industrial Revolution in the 1800s.

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