Pins and Needles

The real origin of this special day, November 27th, goes back to the labor movement in the 1930s. The pro-labor Broadway musical Pins and Needles, opened on this day in 1937, at the Labor Stage Theater in New York City. This play was written by Harold Rome. It was produced by the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. Members of this union made up the cast. It ran for 1,108 performances, once holding the record for longevity. It also ran on Broadway from 1937 to 1940, was revived in 1978, and produced again in London, UK in 2010 to great reviews.

Today to refer to ‘pins and needles’ – as a nervous and anxious day. It’s a day of eager anticipation, as we await an event or for something to happen. You are edgy, nervous, fretful, tense, in suspense, or in a tizzy. One could argue that kids are on pins and needles from now until Christmas, as they nervously wonder if they have been good enough to receive a visit from Santa in a few weeks.

Of all the special days on the calendar, this is a nerve-racking day. You are on pins and needles until that special future event successfully unfolds.

So here is a phrase you may have heard many times and didn’t know its background.

Photos: Pins and Needles, 1937 Show and Children & Santa.

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