Planning the Family History Thanksgiving

Of course, there is plenty to get down the days and weeks leading to Thanksgiving Day. However, dividing up the necessary chores can help a great deal.

Yet, one very important activity that really needs to be prepared and done when the whole family is together for Thanksgiving, is to gather some of the family memories.

Just like dividing up the chores to prepare the Thanksgiving meal, how about days beforehand, contacting some of those individuals coming and see if they can assist with the family history aspect. For example, your older relatives (parents, aunts, grandparents, great uncles, etc) would be excellent if they could provide a family story to share. It doesn’t have to lengthy, just a remembrance. For example, what was their hometown of their youth like – the businesses, the family home, fun activities, the school, church, going to the movies, etc.

Have a younger relative who knows how to do digital videos, handle the recording of the family story for preservation. If several relatives will be providing stories, you would have a nice collection all saved as videos that can be shared.

Yet the key is to notify the relatives ahead of time, don’t just spring the idea on them about providing a family story or those doing the video filming.

Other suggestions are to contact the cooks of the family and ask them to send earlier or on the day of the family gathering, the all-time favorite family recipes. It doesn’t have to be many just one or two are good. If they send the recipe ahead of time, you can have copies to share with the relative, or maybe make copies that day to share.

If you or another family member has done a good deal or even just a little on constructing the family tree, have copies to share made up. As each ancestor is discussed, include anything special about the person such as served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Or the ancestor who immigrated in 1900 and came into the Port of Boston or the ancestor who owned his own business and operated it for decades. Assigning that activity to another relative is good, they can prepare ahead of time.

Sharing photos is always great fun. Again, those relatives with family photos have to be prepared and know ahead of time. They shouldn’t bring boxes and boxes of photos but rather select a few key and important photos. If they have the photos digital and could place them on a flash drive or disc and bring the computer to show them to everyone – that would be great.

Be creative and make the Thanksgiving day or weekend a rewarding experience for everyone. Remember – your ancestors are waiting to be discovered.

Photos: Families and reunions at Thanksgiving

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