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You may well have had an ancestor who served in some governmental or political position (Mayor, Senator, state legislator, judge, delegate to a national political party convention, Governor, etc) and you never knew it. With the online site ‘Political Graveyard’ you can find the listing of some 302,477 political names of real people covering many decades.

Even if you do not find any ancestors, you might locate individuals with the same family surname from the same state as your relatives were from, possibly providing name of other ancestors.

If no relatives come up, the site also has some very interesting categories of America’s politicians over the decades. For examples of some:

Politicians who lost the most elections; those who died while in office; politicians who were once entertainers or sports stars; those born in a log cabin; politicians with disabilities; those who survived an assassination attempt; and politicians who had a county or other places or things named for them.

You can even check those of a special ancestry group such as German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Polish, Native Indian, Italian, Spanish or Arabic to name a few.

There are listings for some really strange categories. A listing of 15 politicians who disappeared or died mysteriously. A list of those who died due to transportation accidents (trains, planes, cars or horse-drawn vehicles).

This is a such a listing of categories, it will take time to review all of it. Again check your own family surnames, using ‘Political Graveyard’, all of them and those spelled in different ways. You never know what you might find. Also, check the listing for a family hometown and home counties.

Photos: Logo Political Graveyard site and USA map of where US Presidents were born.

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