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AD-women-1925Nothing decades ago or today more defines what people enjoyed eating, wearing or doing than the advertisements of those times. It is almost like a time capsule of the life and times of our relatives. An online site done by Duke University Library titled Ad*Access does just that, takes you back to see the daily images found in advertisements. It can be of such help in learning more about the things, shows, activities, beauty routines and culture that so directly affected our ancestors.

Most of what is on the site covers between 1911 and 1955 in both the United States and Canada. There are several methods to search an era or product. The tabs have selections such as ‘company’, ‘product’, date, subject and other to pick. Selecting a date might be the most popular to start with.

ad-radio tubes-1929There is also a search box at the top to place a keyword. Several thumbnail images will appear with a brief description. Once you locate one of interest click on the image and it will enlarge along with more details. The image can be right-click to download to your computer. Take an hour or two on this site, because it would fun to explore the popular cultural items of years ago and to add these images to your family history story.


Photos: ADS – Ladies’ products in 1925, radio tubes in 1929 and men’s products in 1945.


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