Posters Illustrate Around 1900 America

poster-ladyThe New York Public Library has a large collection of posters now made digital on their site. There are some 2,027 scanned posters that were once used in magazines, newspapers, exhibitions, book covers, calendars, covering at the end of the 1890s, into the beginning of the 20th century. What a wonderful array of styles, fashions, public interests, businesses, etc are on these posters. It gives you an example view of the life and experiences your ancestors had in 1900.

Look at the column to the left and the posters are divided by those in magazines, those in newspapers, some for commercial businesses, others on the calendars or used in exhibitions. poster-Boston terrier club

Also to the left of the beginning thumbnails of the posters there is ‘filter’ so if you wanted a specific time period, you could select just those dates. These posters cover all types of location, not just New York.

If you find one of interest you can right click to save to you computer. poster-ladies home journal

One interest aspect is that mostly ladies are featured in these posters, very few men.  poster-arrow shirts

Photos: Book cover ‘Kerrigan’s Quality’, Boston Terri Club, Ladies Home Journal for August 1908, and Arrow Shirts advertisement around 1900.

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