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Preserve Your Family Photos at Crestleaf  Find more blogs about genealogy and photography at you store your family photos on Facebook? Doing so is a simple way to share them with your relatives who are also on Facebook. That being said, it is never a good idea to make a social media website the only place where your family photos are located. Crestleaf gives you an easy way to store your Facebook family photos.

It is never a good idea to store important photos on a website that you do not have control over. Obviously, you don’t have control over Facebook. Many people assume that a social media website will be around forever. The want to believe that the things they put on Facebook will always be easily accessible.

To be safe, genealogists need to make sure they have copies of each and every photo that they post on social media. Store those precious family photos on an external hard drive. Make sure you have a copy that you can easily access (without having to log into someone else’s website).

Have you ever posted a family photo on Facebook and asked your relatives to help identify who is in the photo? You might have gotten an answer to your questions. Or, its also possible that the relative who knew the answer never saw that photo due to the constant changes in Facebook’s algorithm (that decides what people will see in their News Feed).

Crestleaf offers a more efficient way to collaborate on family photos. It allows people to preserve their family’s legacy in a chronological timeline and digital archive that is for both current and future generations to enjoy. In other words, Creatleaf gives your family an easy way to view, and comment, on family photos – without having to wade through the other “junk” in Facebook’s News Feed.

There is a step-by-step-guide that shows you how to import all the family photos you posted on Facebook right into Crestleaf’s Memorybox. It starts when you sign into Crestleaf with Facebook. Click on the Memorybox feature and click the button to let Crestleaf save all of your Facebook photos into yoru Crestleaf Memorybox.

Once that has happened, you get the opportunity to browse through every photo that you (and others) have shared on your Facebook timeline. It also will have the photos you were tagged in. All of them get imported into Crestleaf. You get to pick which photos you want to have saved into the Memorybox. The photos get put into a timeline.

When you are ready, you can share the photos with the family members that you added to your tree. Everyone can easily comment, share, and collaborate on Crestleaf (and avoid the “clutter” that is all over Facebook).

Image by David Saddler on Flickr.

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