Preserving Newspapers

You find an old newspaper clipping someone in the family saved years ago. They may have been kept in a book, in a drawer, or a notebook, but now it needs preserving. Newspapers are acidic and crumb if handled too much. Start first by scanning it, making a digital copy. There are desktop scanning machines or even now you can use your I-Phone which can do a photo scan. If you do not have the scanning ability, take the articles very carefully to a photoshop and they can do it. If you know a date for the article, include that.

Another idea is to transcribe the article, type out digital words for the article. That way you have a readable copy with your files on your computer.

To save and preserve the actual newspaper, place each clipping on a sheet of buffered paper never using any glue, tape or adhesive. The buffering agent in the paper helps neutralize the acid in the newspaper and prolong the life of the paper. Slide the paper and clipping inside an archival page protector, leaving the top open. This allows the paper to “breathe” and acids to escape. These materials can be found at a good craft store. Keep the protected pages away from heat, insects, or high humidity areas.

Share digital copies of the articles with family members who would be interested.

Photo: Collection of vintage newspaper articles.

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