Preserving Your Ancestor's Efforts during WW One

How so important that all your ancestors be remembered but especially those who served during time of war? With the 100th anniversary – November 11th marking the end of ‘The Great War’ – the war to end all wars – it is a perfect time to do a special preservation about an ancestor who either served in the military or on the home front.

The online site of the United States World War One Centennial Commission is offering you such an opportunity to have your ancestor remembered.

Stories are submitted of American citizens or residents who participated in some form in helping end the warfare. Their story can be submitted to the online site.  

Even if you do not have a great deal of information on them during 1917-1919, you can start by providing some basic information. Remember this includes the thousands of men and women back home who worked the American Red Cross headquarters in their town or purchased Liberty Bonds or raised money to support those fellows on the battlefields. 

As you scroll down the site, there is also information about Family Ties, how to submit a story and actually locating information on the men and women from your family who served.

Included is about where and how to donate any family artifacts from World War One. You may want to hand down to future generations such artifacts, but if not, it is good to know where are some good locations interested in preservation. 

Of help is the US map of individual states of the resources they have about residents from that state who were in World War One. 

This is very worthwhile to get completed – making sure your ancestors are remembered.

Photos: World War One

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