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Print Out Your Family Tree  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comYou put a lot of effort into creating your family tree. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to display it in your home and show it to your relatives? One way to make that happen is to print out your family tree. There are professional companies that can do that for you.

Ancestry Graphics & Printing has been helping family historians preserve and present their genealogy research. They are a very specialized printing company dealing only with genealogy charts. The owners of the company, Larry and Cheryl Speigel, are genealogists themselves. They started their business in 2003 to solve their own genealogy chart printing needs.

It should be noted that Ancestry Graphics & Printing is not part of They are their own company.

They can print your family tree chart directly from Family Tree Maker, PAF, Generations Family Tree, Family Tree Builder, Legacy, The Master Genealogists, Tree Draw, OnePage Genealogy, Reunion, Mac Family Tree, and many other genealogy software programs. They print it right from the software instead of from a GEDCOM file so you have control over how you want your genealogy chart to look.

Do you have your family tree on, Geni, MyHeritage, or Tribal Pages? Ancestry Graphics & Printing can design and print your chart. It is also possible for them to print it from a GEDCOM file (but this does not allow you to design how it will look). You can have your chart printed in color, or black and white. There are a variety of chart types you can choose from.

Pricing is per linear foot (not per square foot). For example, a chart that measures 3 feet by 10 feet is 30 square feet, but only 10 linear feet. There is a chart that shows the cost based on how wide the paper is, and the cost per linear foot for black and white, or for a chart with photos, or for a chart with a non-white background.

Ancestry Graphics & Printing offers free blank family tree data sheets that you can use to gather genealogy information. They are downloadable and you can save the form on your computer. You can print off as many as you need, right from your computer, and take them with you to family reunions and get-togethers.

The blank family tree data sheets from Ancestry Graphics & Printing are very simplified. They did this intentionally because they felt that too many other data sheets are too complicated and end up being set aside because they are intimidating and are perceived to take too long to complete.

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