Professional Genealogists to the Rescue!

professional genealogistThere is a phrase genealogists tend to use when they have done absolutely all the research from each and every source they could find, only to come up with nothing. It’s called “hitting a brick wall”. This colorful phrase evokes the frustration one feels when you give something your very best effort and do not get the result you hoped for. It also makes me think of the frustrated genealogist hitting their head against the nearest brick wall, venting their rage. Instead of beating yourself up, you might consider hiring a professional genealogist. Let them rescue you from your angst and frustration!

There are many good reasons to hire a professional genealogist. First of all, they are professionals! It is very likely that they know some research techniques that you haven’t been using. They might have access to records that you don’t. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by hiring them to use their exceptional skills to help you find your mysterious ancestor.

Another good reason to hire a professional genealogist is that it will save you some time. Part of your waking hours are spent at your place of employment, where you can’t work on your genealogy research. For the professional genealogist, your genealogy research is their job! They will have the time to focus on your family tree when you are unavailable to do so. You would hire a professional plumber to fix your pipes. You would hire a professional mechanic to work on your car. Why not hire a professional genealogist to help you with your research? No one said you have to do every bit of your research all by yourself.

When you hire a professional genealogist company, make sure you talk with them. Be clear about exactly what you are hiring them to find. This will help them target their efforts to best assist your needs. Find out the price their service costs. This is a great way to avoid hitting the “brick wall”.

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Dawn Busby 2/11/10

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