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surnamesSo many family surnames, it can be headache to keep them all straight. It could be even more difficult to pronounce the name correctly. Using the online site ‘Hear Names‘, you can hear the pronunciation for most surnames and given names.

Not only can you hear a name spoken in English, but you even have it said in another language. There are several methods to locate a name. If you believe it to be certain ethnic names, such as Scottish or French, go to those links. You can do a general search of that name in the search box, with several selections that will appear.

Go to the ‘advance search’ where many categories are available. There are Arabic boys’ names, there are favorite Italian baby names, also notable / famous names of individuals, to name a few.

You can also use the alphabetical listing of categories of names and make a selection. That is especially useful when there are numerous spellings for a name. The sound is in mp3 format. You just click on the arrow and the name will be said. Repeat as often as you like.

Click on the name itself, a larger screen comes up for that name, it says the name, but you can also right click it to save that mp3 file. You should be able to then send that file as an email attachment to other family members.

Now you don’t find an ancestor’s surname or given name, you can request that name be added. At the top is a tab for ‘request a name’. Complete the form and that name will be added in the near future.

With names from across the globe, this can be a great tool to better know how a name is properly spoken.

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