Published USA Newspaper Obituaries from other Countries

Yes, that sounds a bit unusual but American newspapers because of large local ethnic local population found it profitable to publish obituaries on individuals who lived and died in another country. A good example was Boston, Mass., who had a large Irish population in the mid-to-late 1800s. They have a listing of those who died in Ireland, even those individuals who were never in America. With the large Irish population, many of the readerships would know those individuals listed.

Then there were newspapers in large cities operated by ethnic populations – Irish, Greek, German, Swedish, etc. Those newspapers for sure carried obituaries of individuals who died in the old homeland.

So if you had an ancestor who died in another nation, see if that death was listed in an obituary in an American newspaper.

Here is a listing of some.

Irish newspapers

German newspapers

Photos: 1889 Irish Obituaries; Irish news in 1880s; and German Obituary.

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