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PDFPut it what and where? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It has been around since 1993 and is a wonderful method to capture, store and share any type of document on anyone’s computer around the globe. Once photos, text, graphs, maps, drawings, etc. are in a PDF application they retain the original appearance.

Many of the genealogical software programs can convert your family history charts and information into PDF and then you can easily send it as an email attachment to anyone. Most word processors will also have the ability to convert that typed document into PDF.  That way you don’t have to worry if a relative with a different computer can open up the document.  Once a new separate PDF copy is made it can go anywhere.  Yet, you still have the original word document just as it was when you typed it.

With the Joliprint online site there is another important item, that of web site articles, that can be saved as a PDF for your own use, to save or share.  There has to be numerous times you have located a great web site or a specific page in a web site that you would like to recall later.

True, you can save that site as a ‘bookmark’ or as one of your ‘favorites’, but it has been known to happen that a web site address gets changed. If that happens, your bookmark won’t work to call up that same site. Also some web sites can no longer exist after a year or more.

You can print out a hard copy of the precise web page, but then you will need to store that paper and use up printer ink. The Joliprint site just helps provide an extra method to preserve those most interesting or detailed articles on a web site.  If you located a family history on one of your family branches, you would want to keep that information.

The best part, it is so easy to save such a web site.  Going to the Joliprint site, which you can also add as an instant click as an icon to your taskbar, just paste the site address (http://) in the save box.  It is easy to copy a full site address located at the top of the desired web site.  Just highlight it, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘c’ keys on the keyboard and it is copied.  Put your curser then on the save box for Joliprint and hold down at the same time ‘Ctrl’ and the ‘v’ keys, it is now pasted.  Click the orange ‘joliprint it!’ button and it starts.

It will take a few moments but then a list appears requesting how you want to save or share it. You can ‘Download’ it directly to your computer, putting it any specific folder.  Or you could put in a Google Doc file or share it on Facebook and Twitter or just email this PDF document to anyone, even yourself.

This free work site is great and you will quickly realize how invaluable it can be to save any type of article, blogs (like FamilyTree.com Genealogy Blog), copies of images or stories in an easy to read and high quality format.  These PDF files can also be viewed on more portable devices like eReaders, tablets and IPads.

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Myles 22/01/12

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