Put These On A Genealogist's Holiday Wish List

genealogists holiday wish list

Oh, where does a family genealogist begin when asked what they would like as a gift for the holidays? Whether a family historian is a novice or experienced pro, there are always some special items that can help the researcher.

The first idea, especially if the researcher has a computer, would be one of the software programs for compiling, sorting and organizing the ancestral names, dates, notes, places and sources. With a wide selection, such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, RootsMagic, Reunion 9 and Family Historian and a varied price range from $29.99 to $99.99 this would be a welcomed addition. If the researcher already has a software program, it might be several years old and they may need the most recent version.

Next having a new digital compact camera is helpful to a family researcher, one that can easily fit in a purse or pocket. It can be used to photograph any records or items located in a museum, library, government agency, church or cemetery. When visiting relatives, one should always ask to look over their collections of photos and if any of special interest are found, it is easy to have the portable smaller digital camera ready to make a copy of the family photos or any heirlooms.

A nice item to have is a small digital voice recorder handy. This is essential when visiting relatives to have them talk and related family stories. Having the information recorded it can later be transcribed into text and preserved. Being digital those recorded interviews can also be stored on the computer. Another use for a recorder is when doing research at a cemetery the researcher can record what names and information is written on the headstones and their location. There is no need attempting to write everything down on paper while walking around the cemetery when using the recorder.

Having a negative and 35 mm slide scanner converter is a lifesaver for any researcher. Every household has boxes of old negatives and slides. With such a scanner converter, not only can those negatives and slides be preserved, but negatives images made into positive to be kept on the computer and / or have prints made. Most of the converters can function solely or they can be connected to a computer.

Several genealogical magazines are available as an annual subscription and would make wonderful gifts for any family researcher, no matter their experience. The various magazines offer advice, information and sources to assist the beginner or the experience researcher. Check to see if any of the following magazines are already owned by the researcher. If not, add to their collection of informative magazines. The selection includes Family Chronicle, Family Tree and Internet Genealogy.

A special carrying case, briefcase or tote bag is a welcomed aid to a researcher. Having a handy case to put their charts, pens, camera, paper, etc. when they go to the library, museum or courthouse is so important. Throw in the case or bag some sticky notes, pens and file folders, all which make the perfect gift.

A family history researcher is always in need of assistance. Any personal help in transcribing documents or scanning images is also a much appreciated gift.

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