Queensland Australia Databases

From the ‘land down under’ – Australia and especially the state of Queensland has provided online a nice index of databases on several topics. All of them are in PDF format which very easy to download and read.

The type of records indexed include immigration, convicts, hospitals, orphanages, occupations, land and court records. There are some special topics including non-white aliens to Queensland in 1913, companies from 1863 to 1959, South Pacific islanders to Queensland from 1867 to 1908 and those in the Boar War. Individual names are in alphabetical order making the research easier.

One area anyone looking up about Australia is always interested in are the convicts who were sent to the land in the first half of the 1800s. There are several lists to examine which provide a prisoner’s full name, a date, age and a microfilm number to retrieve the full record.

A section on occupations has indexes covering teachers, civil servants, dentists and seamen from Queensland. If something of interest is located, a full copy can be ordered and the details are listed on the site to place the order.

The hospital records are mostly for Brisbane with the patients admitted between 1872-1887 and the deaths between 1899 and 1942. The immigration records covered registration of immigrants between 1864 and 1940.

Going to the court records covers many topics. There were divorces, nationalizations, criminal cases, inquests, Wills from 1857 to 1940, as well as those who served as Justices of the Peace in Queensland.

The Native people to Australia are the Aborigines. Included with the indexes are colonial records relating to the Aborigines and Torres Straits Islanders between 1859 and 1903. These consist of letters and reports about blanket distribution to Aborigines, information on the Native Police, reports against the Aborigines, prisoners, overall Aborigine policies and medical assistance to the native people.

This site offers another source if you have any ancestors from Australia, especially Queensland.

Photo: Teacher record for Agnes Bailey born in 1857.

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