Railroad Men - WW I - UK


train-UKSince railroad travel became an important method of transportation beginning in the mid-1800s, those who work for the railroad systems across the globe have been numerous. You may have had an ancestor who served in some form for a railway system.

To investigate one time frame and location, the United Kingdom’s National Railway Museum has placed online a database of those railway workers, especially those during the 1910s (the Great War / WW I). This special database is unique since it cover those British railway workers who died during service in the war – some 21,400.

Scroll down the site for the search box on the left and place a family surname. It will search and show the listing with the given names or letters, surname, which UK railway company they worked for, the military service, and their death date.

Click on the far right to ‘view’ to see more details on a specific person. It will provide more on they job with the railway, more exact place of work, rank in the military, sources for information and any additional data under ‘notes’.

train-UK-ambulOn this link is Photos of the railways during WW I.

Photos: UK train during WW I and Ambulance train.

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