Railroads and Depots

Trains-fremontRailroad system has been a very important part of America’s history since the 1840s and all of the 20th century. If you have discovered ancestors who were train engineers, station masters or some other type of train occupation, you will want to review this PWRR site.

Online is a wonderful collection of the train stations throughout North Carolina over the years. There are hundreds of images, done by Piedmont & Western Railroad (PWRR organization), of not just the larger cities but all the small towns and brief stops a train may have made throughout North Carolina. The collection is of the train stations, just scroll down to a town’s name and click on it to view the photos. If you had ancestors connected with the train system in North Carolina you must see these images. Some families probably rode those trains also. trains-Union

The PWRR also has an online site with images of trains and stations across the nation. Each is labeled and identified. Another interesting item covered are the trolleys, listed under ‘Traction Images‘. Trolleys were the local transportation within a city and for sure you had ancestors who rode the local trolley system.  trail-trolley-Ybor city

Photos: Wilmington & Weldon Railroad depot (now demolished) in Fremont; Union station in 1907 in Maxton; trolley in Ybor City (Tampa), FL; and 1900 trolley in Raleigh, NC. train-talley 1900 in Raleigh

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