Re-enacting Family Photos

What an opportunity and such a fun thing to do. Look back over the photos that were taken with you and your siblings — or with cousins or friends — really brings all of those memories back. It kind of makes you want to return to that very moment in time, doesn’t it? SO why not recreate that moment?

True you are the same ages when the photo was done, but that is what is so neat about it. Get in the same pose and same expressions on your face and as close to the same color and style of clothes to re-enact the moment. Get in the same order as the original photo with arms and legs in the same position.

If you can include an older relative – an aunt, uncle or parent, even better.

Even more interesting and fun is to recreate your images (hairstyle, clothing) the same as an ancestor you resemble who lived years ago. You and everyone else around might be shocked at this side-by-side photo. 

This is a great idea to achieve during the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas holidays. 

Photos: Three sisters at bedtime; Four siblings; a Family in a Truck; you look like an ancestor and two grown brothers.

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