Re-Gifting with Family Photos

What will you be re-gifting this year? We all have been given gifts that simply do not match our tastes. Before you re-wrap the unwanted gift, and send it to another relative, take the time to personalize it. Here are some easy ways to add a family photo to what would otherwise be a boring present.

Ceramic Tiles

One of your relatives bought you a box of ceramic tiles for your bathroom. Maybe he though you were planning on remodeling it. Or, he might be a big fan of DIY home improvement, and figured you were into that, too!

Is that box of tiles still in your home? You can re-gift it. Add family photos to each tile. Use Mod Podge to make the photo stick to the tile. Make a batch of family history photo tiles for each relative. Choose photos from their childhood, wedding, or other memorable moments.

Mini ceramic tiles can be turned into ornaments, too. They are the perfect size for photo that is cropped into a portrait of one of your relatives or ancestors. Add a metal loop, and a ribbon, to turn it into an ornament.

Empty Glass Ornament Bulbs

Your frugal relative bought a lot of stuff at the after Christmas sales last year. This year, she decided to give you a box or two of clear, glass, bulb ornaments. Those can be really boring to look at if you leave them undecorated.

This year, add a family photo into each one and re-gift them! Find a really cute photo of each relative when he or she was a baby or small child. Add one photo to each ornament and attach a ribbon (so it can be hung on the tree). These gifts will bring back memories and encourage conversation.

Metal Cookie Cutters and Pie Tins

Your grandmother meant well when she gave you a bunch of metal cookie cutters, little decorative pie tins, and other baking pans. What can you do with those if you don’t happen to enjoy baking? There is an easy way to turn them into handmade family Christmas ornaments.

You will need some black and white family photos that have been printed on photo paper. Place it inside a cookie cutter, or a mini pie tin, and it becomes an interestingly shaped frame. Add a ribbon to turn it into an ornament and hang it on the tree.

“Junk” Jewelry

Many of us have that one relative that, for some reason, has lost track of the passage of time. She may send her nieces or granddaughters some pretty (and inexpensive) jewelry for Christmas. Typically, that jewelry is the kind that looks pretty but is made from plastic.

Take it apart, add a family photo, and re-gift it. Crystal shaped pendants look awesome with a family photo showing through them. Use some of the beads from old, “junk” jewelry necklaces to turn the crystal pendant into an ornament.

Photo Credit:  Nancy Lewis, Pinterest

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