Reasons to Attend a RootsTech Conference

RootsTech is a 4-day annual family history and technology conference. It takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Salt Palace Convention Center. There are many good reasons to attend a RootsTech Conference.

RootsTech is Huge
RootsTech is the largest genealogical conference in the world. RootsTech is a place to build connections with other genealogists and family historians and do some networking. In addition, some people find relatives at RootsTech.

RootsTech provides an opportunity for genealogists and family historians to meet new people and make new friends. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet people who all share the same interests.

Big Companies Will Be There
The RootsTech Expo Hall is packed with approximately 200 vendors and exhibitors. Many of them are big companies like Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, LivingDNA, and Family Chart Masters. There will also be companies that offer additional services that are useful to genealogists and family historians. WordPress, for example, has been at RootsTech before.

A Learning Experience
RootsTech is open to family historians, genealogists, and people who are interested in the tech that connects to those subjects. It welcomes people who are beginners by offering a number of beginner classes. There are also advanced classes on topics such as census research, proper methodology, and more.

Each year, RootsTech has Keynote Speakers who present their knowledge and stories to large audiences at the conference. There are lunches hosted by big genealogy companies (such as FamilySearch, Findmypast, Ancestry, Living DNA, 23andMe and MyHeritage.

Technology Intersects with Genealogy
RootsTech is about preserving and sharing family stories through technology and innovation. Attendees can discover new tools and services that will help them to uncover their own family history. Topics can include: DNA testing, digitized records, and the best mobile phone apps for genealogists and family historians.

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