Reasons to Attend RootsTech 2017

reasons-to-attend-rootstech-2017-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comThere are plenty of great reasons to attend RootsTech 2017. The conference is a good place for genealogists and family historians to meet people who share the same hobby. RootsTech 2017 is also an opportunity to learn new things.

There will be over 200 Breakout Sessions at RootsTech 2017. The Sessions are for all levels of experience. Attendees will have to make choices about which ones to attend. Some Sessions are open to all attendees, while others are restricted based upon the type of Pass that an attendee purchased for RootsTech 2017. There are also some add-ons that are offered as extras to those who bought a certain type of Pass.

All of the Sessions fit into one of these main categories:

DNA: Discover the thrilling possibilities sitting on the horizon of modern DNA testing – and what it could mean for you.

Tools: You’ll feel empowered when you realize how many helpful genealogical tools are at your disposal. Come learn how to use them.

Photos: Learn the best practices for protecting and preserving your priceless family photos.

Stories: Modern technology has made collecting meaningful family stories for future generations a cinch – just wait till you see the options.

Organizing: Overwhelmed by old documents, photos, and stories? Come learn some ingenious ways to organize them.

Discovery: Any of the RootsTech 2017 discovery sessions will lead you to do just that – discover! Get ready to unlock the door to your family’s past.

There will be a giant, interactive, Expo Hall where attendees can meet hundreds of vendors and find out what’s up and coming in the family history industry. Here are five good reasons to visit the Expo Hall:

Coaches’ Corner (New): Are you hitting roadblocks in your family history? Drop by the new coaches’ corner for some one-on-one mentoring from an expert genealogist.

Heirloom Show and Tell (New): Have an antique, heirloom, or photo that you’d like an expert to look at? Now’s your chance! Bring in any small item or a photo of a large item you’ve been wondering about, and the experts will tell you about it.

Innovation Alley: Check out a showcase of new tech tools and products at innovation alley. While you’re there, chat with developers and entrepreneurs who are impacting the industry.

Discovery Zone: At the Discovery Zone, you’ll see your ancestors come to life with interactive displays, fun facts, and engaging activities. Come see how fun it can be to learn about your heritage.

Demo Theater: After you’ve walked the Expo Hall, come rest your feet in the demo theater. Watch exhibitors give informative, 15-minute presentations and demonstrations while you relax on comfortable couches.

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