Recognize Your Grandparents

Founder Marian McQuade wanted to set aside a special day not only for the lonely elderly but also to encourage grandchildren to “tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents provide.” President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s was so on board with this initiative, he made the first Sunday after Labor Day an official national holiday to honor grandmas and grandpas across the country. To this day, the U. S. President continues to get in on the action renewing this official holiday.

If you still have living grandparents you are fortunate. You can honor them Sunday, Sept. 8th, 2019.

Not only visit with them, treat them to a special outing or dinner but spend some time asking questions about their life – childhood, schooling, fun activities, places they lived, etc. You do need to have that first-hand information while you can get it.

If your grandparents are no longer living, make a point to spend a little extra research time, especially checking local hometown newspapers for any information (social events, jobs, etc) that they are mentioned in the newspaper. You just might very surprised by what you could locate. Even if you had earlier interviewed your grandparents about their life, do that extra research, again something can turn up that they even had forgotten about.

I located that a family grandmother in March 1932 was the president of the location 4-H club in Frederick, MD. Plus in 1929 she won first place ribbon for the best ‘party dress’ sewed and exhibited in the local county fair. Who knew?

Photos: Grandparents; 3 generations in 1920s; and grandparents with grandchildren.

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