Record or Write the Four Main Family Events

The easiest family stories are the ones you know. You, the researcher of the family’s history, do need to take the time to write-up or make a digital recording of four specific family events for future generations. If either or both of your parents are alive, then they too need to take the time now to place in some format the information for the four main family events. Just imagine if your great grandparents had done such a task, you would be thrilled to have that information based on their own recollection.

So for future generations, here are the four main family events that need to be told.

First — Sweethearts. How did you meet your spouse, when did you two fall in love, what was the proposal and what was the wedding like? (NOTE – this can also be done for any aunts/uncles or cousins.)

Second — Prized Possessions. What physical item (s) do you own that is / are most important to you, that you really treasure? Was it that first car you still own or a doll you have had since childhood? Describe the item and how you acquired and especially why it is so special. 

Third — Family Escapade. This can be when you were a child, or later as an adult or with your children. Record one or more of the most fabulous adventures ever taken. It could have been a planned adventure or just happened – not planned. 

Record the beginning and especially the end result.  

Fourth — Birthday or Holiday. Either a birthday event involving you or a close friend / relative of which you were a part of. Or it can be of a holiday event; Christmas, New Years Eve, Halloween, etc., again where you are a part of what happened. 

You could each of the four one day a week and it would be completed in a month. Add any photos you might have. What a great way to have and share and bring life to the family tree. 

Photos: Young sweethearts in 1939; a 1946 Chevrolet Fleetline auto; a couple in 1960 at the Grand Canyon; Thanksgiving 1950 and birthday party in 1955.

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