Records of London's Livery Companies Online (ROLLCO)

London- apprentice-shoesBasically these are records concerning those in London, England between 1400 and 1900 who were registered as Apprentices and Freemen. They would have been members of the Livery Companies and registered. This database of ROLLCO is of those records.

Since the majority of people in London during the 15th through the 19th century worked at some craft or trade, this registration can be quite massive. The search is easy, put in as much or as little information you know.

Under company names, if you know an ancestor worked in textiles (cloths) it is better to search in that category rather than as a goldsmith. Even such trades as being a musician are listed. If unsure, do select all the companies. Narrow the time frame down, selecting 1800s rather than the full 1400 to 1900. Might also look at both apprentices and freemen, not just one area.

London- apprentice-ladies

If nothing is found, try different companies or time periods, including surname spellings. However, if one or listings are found, do investigate each and compare with what is know. Dates are given in these registrations so that will help.

Females could serve as apprentices also, so look for some female ancestors. Each record will be different, some with a great deal of information, others with less. But all are pieces for you to put together.

London- 1850-briggsPhoto of a registration: 1850 Henry Samuel Briggs, son of William Briggs. Birth date given, the occupation they worked in and where Henry Briggs lived.

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